Privacy Awareness Training

Data privacy and cybersecurity go hand in hand. Your employees need to understand how to collect, store, transmit and destroy private data securely. They also need to know how to protect data from both internal and external threats. DIGIGUARD will customize privacy awareness training for your company. We include industry and state/country guidelines, requirements and regulations for the data you collect. Our cybersecurity experts will help your employees avoid risk and protect your business from the costs and consequences of mishandling private data.

Privacy-Aware Employees

DIGIGUARD will gather the specific rules and regulations that apply to your company data. We will assess your company’s existing level of data privacy awareness and compliance. Training goal, scope, and scale will be customized for your SMB and employees based on areas of greatest need. Training can be company-wide or segmented by department, user role, or employee administrative level.

Privacy Awareness Training Topics

DIGIGUARD cybersecurity experts will share real-life stories that help employees understand common scenarios and data privacy risks. Our team will use examples from your industry to illustrate risks and best practices. We will educate your team on key privacy topics tailored to your company's needs and goals. Here are some of the discussion items we cover:

Privacy Awareness Assessment and Policy Guidance

DIGIGUARD will assess your team after training to focus decision-making on areas still in need of improvement or revisiting. We can customize additional workshops regularly, after an incident for retraining, for new industry regulation changes, or training new hires. We can offer guidance on privacy policy updates for your business and highlight areas of remediation for cybersecurity and data privacy and protection. The data your company creates and stores is valuable to cybercriminals. Protect your business with engaging and customized training to reduce the risk of data privacy violations and increase knowledge and employee confidence.

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