CISO as a Service: vCISO

Fractional or Virtual Chief Information Security Officers (vCISO) are generally more agile and cost-effective than hiring an in-house CISO. DIGIGUARD provides scalable vCISO services ranging from comprehensive to project-based services. Our consultant functions as a senior security executive in your company and ensures that data protection, compliance, IT security auditing and cybersecurity are managed. Our cybersecurity experts have the skills and experience to plan and execute information security strategy. We can augment your existing IT security staff and:

Comprehensive Strategy and Planning

The CISO is responsible for designing, aligning and maintaining the company's security vision and strategic plan. You may need help designing a plan or implementing an existing one. We can guide you through annual planning, or present cybersecurity reports at executive meetings. DIGIGUARD experts will:

Threat Analysis and Prevention

Organizations may evolve from having relaxed cybersecurity practices to needing more formalized security as they grow and modernize. Protecting your company assets from malware, cybercrime and internal threats requires increasing expertise. DIGIGUARD consultants will analyze and identify threat vulnerabilities and make recommendations for policies and procedures designed to prevent or mitigate data loss. We can also help implement new procedures by training and testing your team.

Compliance and Regulation

Vendors, customers and partners are increasingly requiring businesses to comply with security regulations and offer proof of contractual security requirements. We will help you present your information security practices in the best possible light, and help you demonstrate due diligence. We will help you overcome difficult compliance hurdles with experienced and professional guidance. DIGIGUARD expert consultants can:

Evaluating Structure

DIGIGUARD approaches your company’s data management with a broad and comprehensive overview. We apply current industry best practices and standards to achieve significant cybersecurity upgrades. Our team will help you present changes and re-educate employees to accept and adopt new protective risk-reduction procedures. Our consultants are vendor-neutral and can help you evaluate and choose appropriate and cost-effective cybersecurity software products. We will:

Discovering and Remediating Threats

DIGIGUARD has the specialized technical knowledge and experience to help build a strong cybersecurity foundation for your company. We help you complete important IT security initiatives to protect your data, employees and customers and help your business safely advance. We will help prevent, detect and mitigate evolving threats. We are a readily available resource that can be deployed quickly when disaster strikes. You may already have spotted a regulatory gap or vulnerability, or have evidence of a cybercrime or employee data theft. Our vCISO consultants can help you save time and money by quickly identifying and resolving these and other hidden cybersecurity threats.

Managing cybersecurity is more complex as new technologies, regulations, and cyberthreats challenge businesses. Small companies may lack understanding of the complexities involved in developing a comprehensive information security strategy, or lack the staff to support security needs. The need for a DIGIGUARD CISO and an overall strategic security plan and remediation strategy has never been greater.

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