Cyber Defense Solutions

DIGIGUARD has solutions to defend your most important business assets against attacks by cybercriminals. We align our knowledge of the threat landscape your company faces with an understanding of your data and IT environment to customize a solution for your SMB. Our consultants will create controls to help improve cybersecurity in physical, technical and administrative network areas. Our experts identify potential threat areas including malicious insiders and cybercriminals to put these defenses in place:

Defense in Depth Cybersecurity

Defense in depth is a cybersecurity strategy that uses multiple measures to protect your network assets. This strategy is intentionally redundant to ensure that when one measure fails, another is ready to respond. These defense layers can address the vulnerabilities that will always exist with personnel, operations and technology within networks. No defense is entirely foolproof, but multiple measures will reduce the risk of a cyberattack or breach at your business. DIGIGUARD builds a cyber defense strategy with these controls:

Cyber Security Defense Layers

DIGIGUARD can apply layers of defense to all levels of your IT system. We start with identifying critical and sensitive data, determining all of its locations and discovering who has access to it, including vendor partners and suppliers. We examine all systems, controls and devices in use. Once our consultants have this information, they can begin applying the appropriate layers needed to close gaps and vulnerabilities throughout your system. Here are some of the security layers our experts may put in place:

Cyber Defense

DIGIGUARD will analyze all aspects of your company’s cyber defenses and security and suggest solutions to improve protection and reduce risk. We will help your SMB navigate complex security infrastructure issues and evolving threat risk intelligence so you can focus on other aspects of running your business. Your company may have recently had a cybersecurity incident or may be concerned about cybersecurity threats affecting your industry. Our consultants will help you make informed decisions, guide security implementation and supply ongoing support. Here are some common security gaps that frequently plague SMBs:

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