Network Firewall Security

Network firewalls are essential to create a barrier between your IT systems and the internet. Securing your company’s IT system needs to include comprehensive coverage for office computers, cloud applications and mobile devices. DIGIGUARD consultants will help you secure your entire cyber network while allowing the flow of business data to your team and customers.

Cyberthreats are costly and complex. Attacks jeopardize private customer data, business data, intellectual property and brand reputation. Relying on DIGIGUARD experts will help you implement a firewall that is:

DIGIGUARD offers these solutions to protect your network:

Malware Protection

Malware attacks can include viruses and ransomware intentionally designed to harm your network, server or data. DIGIGUARD solutions can protect your email, internet and files from malicious content. We recognize, detect and block known cyber threats.


Encryption is a vital best practice for safeguarding data privacy and security. Our team will protect data privacy and security on computers, portable devices, hard drives, email and cloud applications. DIGIGUARD’s encryption strategy will help your business:

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

DIGIGUARD can set up systems to detect intrusions and unusual or suspicious activity on your network. Scanning for, blocking and reporting these cyberthreats provide additional comprehensive protection against vulnerabilities. Our team can automate the intrusion system to isolate incoming threats.

Denial of Service Threats

DIGIGUARD services can include monitoring for and protecting against denial of service and distributed denial of service (DoS and DDoS) cyber attacks. These attacks can flood and overwhelm your system and last hundreds of hours. These attacks prevent customers and employees from accessing and utilizing your business systems. DIGIGUARD’s team of experts can monitor and analyze network traffic to minimize the likelihood of this type of attack.

Botnet Protection and Prevention

Botnets attempt to invade your system and use your business to help carry out fraudulent activity. Botnets can create fake accounts or use your business to validate stolen credit cards. DIGIGUARD cybersecurity consultants can help thwart botnet invasions by:

Bandwidth Management

Your network firewall should be capable of managing bandwidth capacity and speed and monitoring for cyberthreats. DIGIGUARD can provide a sophisticated network firewall solution to your business activity needs. Sufficient bandwidth will help your operations run efficiently.


DIGIGUARD firewalls carefully analyze and filter traffic coming from unsecured or suspicious sources to prevent cyber attacks. Our team will analyze traffic and adjust access policies. We can help you control and avoid:

Remote Device Protection

Maintain high cybersecurity for your team when they work remotely and use a variety of devices. DIGIGUARD will train your team to use industry best practices to secure devices and connections for all their devices, including laptops and mobile phones. Protection and training include quickly shutting down access to lost or stolen devices and clearing sensitive data. Our team will spot activity that can leave your business exposed to cyber threats.

Wireless Network Support

WiFi networks are essential for productivity and convenience. Small and mid-sized businesses need to secure their wireless network. DIGIGUARD cybersecurity experts will protect and secure your wireless system from cyberattacks.

Secure your network firewall. Contact us to get started.