Security Awareness Program

DIGIGUARD presents security training events for companies, association groups and industry meetings. We will help teach your employees or group about cybersecurity, IT best practices and data compliance business topics. Our experts will customize content for your industry, and share trends and current best-practices for risk reduction. Our sessions can improve security awareness of these threat areas:

Security Awareness Training Content

Business data is at constant risk from cybercriminals. Employees of all levels are frequently and unwittingly used to transmit sensitive data or share security credentials. Threats do not just come from online attacks but can include physical and site compromises. These compromises include those from lost or stolen portable devices such as phones and tablets. DIGIGUARD can help you identify threats and risks that pose the greatest threats to your audience. Here is a partial list of security awareness topics we can present to your group:

Security Awareness and Compliance

Security awareness training can help create a culture of security within an organization. Training conveys a commitment to data security compliance for your employees, customers, regulators, and suppliers. Our team will share case studies with your group that highlight the importance of comprehensive security awareness. DIGIGUARD training presentations can make your employees aware of regulations and the long- and short-term consequences non-compliance can have on businesses, including:

Security Awareness Improvement for Small Business

Security awareness training is not a single event. Regular training, updating and testing are your company’s best defense against cybercrime. New threats emerge every day, and your team needs to know how to recognize and defend against them. A variety of training methods will help ensure a robust, vigilant defense. Training can help your business meet these security awareness goals:

Ongoing training presentations can take place at regular intervals, for post-incident review or to educate new employees or employee roles. We can present training session events to your departments, company and professional trade associations. Contact DIGIGUARD today to schedule security awareness training for your team.