Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessments help prioritize cybersecurity goals and remediation actions, and are critical components of cybersecurity risk management. Identifying cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities in computer networks, systems, hardware, applications, and other parts of the IT system provides your company with critical information. DIGIGUARD’s vulnerability assessment will benefit your small business by:

Identifying Vulnerable Assets

DIGIGUARD starts your vulnerability assessment with an asset inventory. We will identify all network devices and software used to store key data and data requiring protection. We will discover the location, platform, vendor and versions of assets and determine baseline security configurations. Our team will work with your business to determine the appropriate time and date to perform vulnerability scans. We document the process and provide recommendations for strengthening and remediating vulnerabilities and minimizing incompatible or competing tools. Vulnerability assessments may include separate network penetration testing to verify the existence of vulnerability and to prove the danger of exploitation to the network.

Data System Strategy and Policy

Once assets are identified, DIGIGUARD will prioritize the importance of the device and gather additional details. We will discover who has access to devices, such as administrators, departments or the general public. We will verify what cybersecurity policies and protocols are followed for devices – and policy adherence. We will then test each important device for vulnerabilities. Our team will gain an understanding of your entire data system to discover open ports in devices and services that should never be opened. Our vulnerability assessment will identify threats including:

Vulnerability Scans

DIGIGUARD will use a variety of methods, tools, plug-ins and scans to identify system vulnerabilities. Our team of experts applies industry best practices for comprehensive assessments. Our consultants will perform additional scans based on your industry compliance requirements. We will perform the following cybersecurity system tests for your business:

Vulnerability Assessment Report

You will receive a comprehensive report of our findings and recommendations. DIGIGUARD will tailor the list of vulnerabilities that need to be fixed to your predetermined cybersecurity goals and objectives. DIGIGUARD will point out misconfigurations and present risk mitigation techniques for your system. Our report will include details on:

The process of vulnerability testing and assessment is an opportunity to gain a strategic perspective of cybersecurity for your business. Vulnerability assessments should be repeated regularly, and additional scans are necessary if changes are made to your IT infrastructure such as:

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