Password Manager: A Bedrock of Network Security

Eighty percent of data breaches begin with reused, weak or stolen passwords. With cyberattacks on small businesses radically increasing, there is no better time to add an enterprise-level company password manager. This software maintains all your passwords in one highly secure, encrypted location. Employees only have to log-in to the password manager and the app seamlessly applies the correct password for each site visited. Your team no longer needs to remember or keep track of all their passwords. The software allows them to use long, strong, unique passwords for each login they access, and update them easily. Training is included at no additional charge with the purchase and installation of our password manager.

Password Manager for Small Business - With Training

Reducing risk to company data and maintaining control over network access are the primary benefits of a password manager. The software will generate long, strong, unique passwords and keep them safely encrypted in one location. It will also notify you if any passwords have been reused or are part of a known data breach. Another benefit is the ability for you to share new passwords across specific teams or remove access when an employee leaves. Here are the benefits of a password manager:

Password Training: Improve Security and Simplify Logins

Introducing new technology can be stressful for some employees. DIGIGUARD® eliminates the stress by training you and your staff on all facets of your password manager. Our individual online sessions are customized based on each employee’s technical ease and knowledge.

Our trainer will contact each employee and walk them through every step and feature to make them proficient. After initial training, our team is always available to answer questions about your password manager or provide a quick refresher on any feature.

How to Use a Password Manager: Best Practices for Overall Security

Employees are one of the biggest attack surfaces on your network – so it’s essential to give them the tools they need to defend themselves and your company files. We suggest that the use of a password manager is a mandatory condition of employment for all personnel that access your computer network. This security policy is vital for employees that access the network remotely or from their own devices, which can introduce additional cyber risks to your network and data security. Employee security training gives your company other benefits, including:

Password Manager Training for DIGIGUARD Advantage™ Customers

Training on password management best practices and other security awareness training* is relatively inexpensive and takes little time. It’s a cost-effective way to protect sensitive company, customer/patient and employee data. Small business cyberattacks now average over $50,000 per incident. You must take steps to reduce risk and avoid the recovery expenses, business disruption, and the recovery time of a cyberattack.

*For our DIGIGUARD Advantage™ customers, security awareness training is included with your yearly subscription, including training for each new hire.

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