IT Risk Management

Managing data loss and compromise from system failures, disasters and cyber threats is a constant challenge for small businesses. DIGIGUARD cybersecurity consultants will strategically manage your IT environment. Our cost-effective services can design and implement appropriate and practical solutions, policies and controls tailored to your industry-specific risks and operational needs. Our experts apply current compliance regulations and emerging threat knowledge to manage your information technology risk. Protecting intellectual property, sensitive customer information, and other business-critical information requires a comprehensive security strategy. Our risk management services can:

Improving Risk Management and Compliance

DIGIGUARD uses a business economic approach to manage and mitigate your IT risk. We will help you balance the costs and operational value of protections with the likelihood and potential impact of each identified risk. We will help your business take the necessary steps to protect valuable customer data and intellectual property. Here’s how we improve security compliance and approach the elements of IT risk:

Mitigation and Risk Reduction

DIGIGUARD IT utilizes regular system updates to align protection with emerging threats. We will ensure data protection when adding new equipment or expanding your business processes. Risk reduction and mitigation are not limited to just software updates, however. Our consultants will apply best-practice, structured strategies to manage your risk, including:

IT Risk Management Communication

DIGIGUARD will help your business to improve the way it views risk management. Defining and communicating security and data protection goals to your entire organization, as well as implementing and evaluating initiatives, are all parts of a robust risk management program. Our consultants will improve accountability and responsibility for risk with these methods:

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