Ransomware Removal

DIGIGUARD can help remove ransomware from your business website and IT systems. Our experts respond quickly to assess the incident and help you recover data and system functions. Our team can manage all stages of the incident response, verification and recovery for your small or mid-sized business (SMB) systems. We use the latest threat intelligence and expertise to limit damage and downtime, remove the threat and close gaps that may allow repeat attacks. Here are the steps we take during a ransomware attack:

Ransomware Recovery Services

Expertise is essential to limit additional damage and recover as much data as possible. Ransomware infections may have been dormant in your system for some time and made changes to how your system functions. Our experts will ensure that no remnants of the infection remain by using ransomware decryptor tools, cybersecurity intelligence and other technology. There are hundreds of known ransomware infections and new ones are being created every day. We determine the date and type of infection and the unique characteristics of the attack before restoration. DIGIGUARD consultants are cybersecurity experts and are aware of the latest threats and recovery options, including attacks from these four primary forms of attack:

Signs of Ransomware Infection

It’s not always obvious when ransomware is the source of a problem on your system or website. DIGIGUARD’s team of experts can verify an intrusion and guide you through the important but simple first steps during an attack to minimize further damage to your system, such as disconnecting from the network and gathering evidence. Attempting to shut down or remove ransomware may result in further damage and data loss if not performed correctly. Here are some common warning signs of a ransomware attack:

Ransomware Recovery Options

DIGIGUARD can help you understand all of your options after a ransomware attack. The good news is that some ransomware criminals use outdated encryption that has already been decoded by industry experts or law enforcement. These attacks may be easier to recover from than others. If your company followed robust and tested data backup practices, then the ransomware attack is not as effective. You may also have to wipe your system to verify that the infection is gone before restoring system function.

In some cases, data is not recoverable, and you must start from scratch. Some businesses may even consider paying a ransom, which still offers no guarantee of file recovery and can lead to further threats. Our consultants can help you review options and also understand the cyberattack and data loss reporting requirements and regulations for industries such as healthcare, and for financial, personal and credit card data. We will help you make informed decisions for your business.

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