Computer Forensics

A computer forensic investigation collects, preserves and examines various forms of digital media. DIGIGUARD cybersecurity experts have a comprehensive understanding of computer data file systems and business data transmission standards. Our team will capture and analyze digital business activity information for investigation purposes, preventing further data compromise and remediation after a cyberattack. We can help your SMB establish what happened, or didn’t happen, and preserve any necessary documentation if any criminal activity occurred. Our consultants can help you at any stage of an investigation with the following services:

Forensic Cyber Investigation

When any part of your computer system fails or malfunctions for any reason, it is essential to understand what caused it. Failures may come from internal or external malicious actions or simply human error. DIGIGUARD will investigate what transpired and what is required to get your system up and running again safely. Our cybersecurity experts will perform an analysis of items such as software defects, system performance, functional testing, physical and digital evidence and failure scope.

Cyber investigations sometimes involve uncovering evidence of illicit employee or competitor activity. Intellectual property in digital form, client and vendor data, trade secrets and other valuable data assets are frequent targets of departing or disgruntled employees and cybercriminals. Employees may have used company computers to download or upload explicit information or participate in illegal activity. Our consultants will look for and examine:

Forensic Data Collection

DIGIGUARD can locate and preserve data and digital evidence stored in your computer system. Computers keep extensive records, and it’s necessary to narrow down the search to pertinent data. IT and cybersecurity expertise are required to comb through all the unexpected locations where data and digital evidence can reside. Here is some of the customized information we can collect:

Forensic Data Preservation

DIGIGUARD will forensically preserve and copy data without altering it. We follow industry standards and best practices and protocols for handling evidence and creating working copies of media while preserving copies in secure storage. Our consultants follow this process:

Data Recovery and Forensic Analysis

DIGIGUARD will help your SMB recover lost or manipulated data. Data may have been deleted or altered maliciously or lost accidentally or through computer failure. Recovering data may be the first step in gathering forensic evidence. Our team of experts will examine the digital clues and document and report the findings to you. Our goal is to get your data restored and your computer systems up and running safely.

Forensic Reporting and Expert Testimony

DIGIGUARD consultants are independent digital forensic investigators. We will investigate and validate your initial suspicions of an employee’s illegal or dangerous computer activity to verify and gather facts and evidence before suspending or off-boarding an employee. Gathering proof of allegations can mitigate risk and prevent further damage and loss. It’s essential to have experienced and trustworthy IT experts at your side during criminal investigations or employment litigation.

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