Data Backup Solutions

Data backup is crucial for business continuity. Businesses of all sizes are more data-dependent than ever before. An inadequate backup plan, or no plan, can mean business disaster or failure if data is lost, stolen or corrupted. DIGIGUARD creates data backup solution strategies and implements data storage plans for SMBs.

Businesses with limited time and resources may put off data backup planning. In comparison, the effort required to build an effective backup pales in contrast to the weeks or months needed to recover reports, contracts, records, emails and more without a solid plan, if recovery is even possible. Backup planning is essential for businesses of any size, because data loss is a risk not worth taking. Our team can help your business ensure continuity and protect itself from these data loss events:

Data Backup Services

DIGIGUARD will evaluate your data storage volume needs and regulatory compliance requirements to implement a secure and comprehensive backup solution. Our consultants will consider how much backup storage you require, and which data needs to be recovered quickly. Options range from on-site, off-premise and cloud. Within each category, there are additional technical and operational considerations. Our cybersecurity experts will suggest multiple and layered backups from these storage types:

Backup Strategy

Any data and critical information used to run your business should be backed up. This data may include tax records, HR records, financial and sales records, customer records and intellectual property such as formulas and recipes. DIGIGUARD will examine these two items to classify data for backup:

Our team will ensure that your data is backed up to multiple locations to provide ready access and recovery when needed. If data is needed to run your business, it must be backed up. Backup options and best practices have evolved, but regular backup testing remains a critical step for companies. Our experts can perform regular testing on backup data files to ensure the availability of intact, usable data when disaster strikes.

Data Backup vs. Data Archive

DIGIGUARD can help your business make the distinction between data backup and data archiving. The type of storage required can affect your storage costs and ease of recovery. Data backup is periodically updated short-term storage designed for disaster recovery for data currently in use and required for day-to-day functioning. Data archiving is a strategy for data space management and long-term data retention for files that may be accessed infrequently. Our consultants will help determine what data needs to be backed up and how frequently to back up.

Cloud Backup

DIGIGUARD can present cloud backup solutions for your business. We are vendor-neutral and can offer several cloud storage options for SMBs. This type of off-site storage has become more affordable and convenient and offers several advantages, including:

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