Information Security Training

DIGIGUARD’s information security training will help your business protect and secure personal, proprietary and confidential data. Business information is stored and transmitted digitally, making it possible to share, lose or corrupt large quantities of information quickly. Businesses regularly collect and process data every day. New data protection regulations are constantly being imposed on businesses, and the consequences of non-compliance are significant both in terms of financial loss and reputation loss.

Data loss, damage and inaccessibility risks come from both internal and external forces. Internal data loss may result from intentional malicious acts, negligence or ignorance. External data loss can be a result of cybercriminals, missing devices or on-site intruders. Information security training is an integral part of a company’s risk management and cybersecurity landscape. Our team will help train your employees to protect these components of business data and information:

Data Security Training Topics

Businesses must ensure that employees understand and follow the company, legal and regulatory policies for protecting all forms of proprietary and confidential data. DIGIGUARD training consultants will customize training to include your specific industry guidelines and regulations along with general cybersecurity best practices for data and information security. We will help your business reduce data risk by ensuring your employees understand their roles and responsibilities to keep networks and data secure. Here are some of the topics we will cover:

Small and Mid-Sized Business Information Security

DIGIGUARD information security awareness training is tailored for your SMB. DIGIGUARD can train your entire company, or customize training for departments, roles, management level or new hires. We can run workshops in series, or all at once using a variety of methods. We can help you automate cybersecurity reminders for your team, implement incentives to reward employees and provide guidance on setting policy and safe data security guidelines.

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