Cyber Security Compliance

DIGIGUARD cybersecurity consultants can help you implement and manage cybersecurity and IT security compliance at any stage. Whether you are starting from scratch and choosing frameworks, training your employees on new processes, or managing and updating an existing compliance framework, our knowledgeable team can help you make cost-effective decisions to support your business. We are specialists and know what is appropriate for your industry standards, regulations, laws and compliance requirements. Our consultants will help your business maintain trusted access requirements and provide evidence of compliance.

Compliance Risk Assessments

The cost of non-compliance can be detrimental and far more expensive than the cost of compliance. Businesses may have to comply with multiple state, industry-specific, and international regulations. The challenge for an organization doing business nationally, or internationally, is daunting. DIGIGUARD will assess your current compliance profile and let you know where your strengths and weaknesses are. We will help you reconcile conflicting policies and let you know which rules can be relaxed or discarded. We will review:

Compliance Technology Implementation

Businesses may have to comply with a number of compliance regulation areas at the same time. Cyber attacks continue to arise and evolve, and regulations continue to change. Businesses are under increasing pressure to protect systems and data from attacks and misuse. DIGIGUARD will help you manage and comply with all these cybersecurity compliance requirements, and will map coverage and interdependency. We will:

Compliance Optimization

DIGIGUARD consultants are available to optimize and update your existing compliance tools to provide solutions for new processes or planned expansion of services. Our team of cybersecurity experts can provide guidance on social media compliance strategies. We are vendor-neutral and can offer knowledgeable advice on a variety of compliance software tools. Here is a partial list of compliance optimization services:

Training and Policy Development

DIGIGUARD can manage your compliance training and development for all employees or single departments and teams. We can plan and conduct workshops or training sessions on a variety of cybersecurity compliance topics. We can customize sessions for your industry. Here are some of the topics available for your compliance training:

Compliance requires a consistent and interconnected approach to ensure proper governance and planning. DIGIGUARD will help tailor a custom plan for all your cybersecurity compliance management and support service needs. Contact us today to learn more about cybersecurity compliance services.