Cyber Security Monitoring

DIGIGUARD provides cyber security monitoring for small and mid-sized businesses. A crucial element of a cyber risk management program, cyber security monitoring collects and analyzes data from a wide variety of sources to detect cyber-attacks, signs of compromise and escalating threats in their early stages. Detecting threats proactively can limit the risk of damage and destruction to business data assets. Technology software alone is not enough to protect your data. The ability to analyze network activity against a baseline norm provides an advanced method of detecting threats. Our experts are alert for subtle anomalies and compromise indicators and understand how to interpret them. Cyber security monitoring will help your company:

Cyber Risk Monitoring

Many SMBs lack full-time IT security officers or have an overwhelmed IT security department. Engaging third-party cybersecurity management experts may make sense for companies who lack the time, expertise and resources to monitor and respond to network threats. DIGIGUARD can monitor your system and analyze threat intelligence for you so you can focus on the other aspects of your business. Our services include monitoring for these items:

Benefits of Cyber Threat Monitoring

Having a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy in place signals to customers, regulators, employees and vendors that your company takes data security seriously. Reducing risk by staying ahead of threats with cyber security monitoring will help you defend your business and avoid the costs and devastating consequences of data loss and compromise from cybercriminals. Here are some of the ways your business can benefit from comprehensive cyber security monitoring:

Cyber Security Detection and Response

DIGIGUARD can help your business with all phases of cybersecurity and cyber risk management. Cybercrimes are an evolving and dynamic worry for all businesses. Having comprehensive coverage includes recovery planning to prepare for worst-case scenarios. Our team of experts can help your company implement safeguards, such as robust data backup procedures, to help your business operations get back up and running quickly. We can respond to incidents and halt and isolate issues. Our consultants forensically document losses for cyber insurance claims and assist with reporting requirements, and perform other services which may include:

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