Cyber Threat Protection

Small businesses frequently underestimate the risk of cyber threats. Attacks are constantly evolving with new and malicious ways to breach your business IT systems. Hackers may attempt to sell your confidential data in cybercrime forums, or encrypt your data until you pay a ransom. When weighing the potential cost of a cyberattack to your business you must factor in:

It’s not surprising that 60 percent of small companies go out of business within six months of a cyberattack. Getting professional advice is crucial. DIGIGUARD cybersecurity experts will assess and analyze threats and develop a protection and mitigation plan for your small business. We will look at the risk for known threats and vulnerabilities including:

Cyberattacks put your business at risk. DIGIGUARD will utilize a combination of low- and high-tech strategies to mitigate your company’s risk. Our team of experts will suggest ways to protect all of these valuable and proprietary data assets:

Cyber Threat Risk Reduction

Training – DIGIGUARD risk reduction and mitigation services can include training your employees. Our expert team will review the scope of activities and processes used in your business and develop specific data policy protocols for your company. Training can include enforcement monitoring and compliance strategies and workshop sessions to address:

Risk Assessment – Our consultants will review potential compromises to the security of your company's networks, IT systems and data. We will help you formulate a plan to secure any gaps in security. We look at how and where your data is stored and accessed, and can plan for updates and reassessments at regular intervals.

Software Solutions – Our team will protect all your systems and devices from known threats. We will track updates. We are available for patching, customizing and deploying software.

Backup – Our team can help you choose what needs to be protected with automated backups, and determine how frequently to run them.

Support Services – DIGIGUARD consultants offer comprehensive services and are available to help navigate concerns and issues. Contact us for access to our expertise and experience as your business grows and changes.

Cyber threat risks are huge. Engaging professional services to guide your business’s cybersecurity plan is essential. Call DIGIGUARD today to schedule a consultation.