IT Security Services for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

DIGIGUARD focuses on the IT security and cybersecurity needs of small businesses. We understand that IT and cybersecurity roles within these companies often fall on the shoulders of business owners and managers who may not have the time or expertise to research all the options thoroughly. Your company may lack a full-time IT security officer, or have a department that is overwhelmed. Whether you need a single service, emergency incident response, a consultation or complete managed services, our small-business IT experts will provide you with the benefit of their extensive expertise. Our consultants are fully aware of the data and network security risks that small businesses face every day. We are a full-service cybersecurity company and can provide all the IT security services that an SMB requires, including:

Knowing what steps to take to protect your valuable business data and network security can be overwhelming to anyone without cybersecurity technical knowledge. Cybercriminals continue to target small businesses for this very reason. Small business cybercrime statistics are sobering and should make every business owner worry about losing what they have worked so hard to achieve. Our team members focus on the latest cyber threats and cyber protection methods for you. We remain up-to-the-minute with all new industry and regulatory requirements and recommendations so your business network and data will be protected and compliant. We invite you to explore our full-service options menu, or you may choose to schedule a call if you are not sure where to begin protecting your business from cybercrime.

A Full-Service IT Security Company

Take a tour through our expansive cybersecurity service offerings and read about the many ways we can protect your business from the devastating effects of cybercrime. We are an IT security partner for many types of small businesses and practices in the New York City metropolitan area. Our customers rely on us for knowledgeable service and technical advice, especially during times of change in their business, such as mergers, acquisitions, new equipment purchases and relocation. The cybersecurity services we perform are listed here, but please contact us if you do not see your concern addressed on our site:

Managed IT Security Services

DIGIGUARD can manage single initiatives and projects or provide complete cybersecurity management for your company. We can also manage any part of your IT security, and work alongside or in addition to your existing IT team. Sometimes outsourcing all or part of your IT security management makes sense financially when factors such as hiring costs, salary, benefits, training and continuing education are taken into consideration.

Your network and data need protection management everywhere they are accessed. The more employees and the more access endpoints you add to your system, the more your vulnerability to breaches and cyberattacks increases. We use a layered approach to security and can help protect your network and data while in use, at rest and in transit. DIGIGUARD can manage your company cybersecurity no matter where or when your employees are working, including:

Cyber Security Consulting Services

DIGIGUARD can provide a high-level overview of where you stand and where you need to be to protect your business. We can provide options and strategic IT security planning to solve your problems now and take you through the next several years. Cybersecurity and IT security are highly technical and interconnected. We leverage our expertise to help you find the best solution and keep you from duplicating coverage or overspending.

When planning significant changes to your business, it is essential to consider how the changes will impact your network security. Our expert cyber consultant services can protect you during vulnerable times of change, including:

Secure IT Services for SMBs

DIGIGUARD helps you make informed decisions about your company’s IT security. Cybercriminals change their tactics, and new cyber threats constantly emerge. You need a strong, knowledgeable partner to protect the valuable assets your company holds and protect you from the legal, financial and reputational fallout of a data breach or cybercrime. Use the contact form to request a call or phone us now to get started on professional cybersecurity and IT security services for your company.