DIGIGUARD Advantage™
Managed Cyber Security Services for Small and Midsized Businesses (SMBs)

Cyberattacks can cripple your operations or endanger your entire business investment. Expert IT security services management can mitigate potential damage and allow your company to recover. The ability to restore data and resume IT operations quickly can make all the difference. Not having protection in place makes recovery difficult, time-consuming, prohibitively expensive or even impossible.

Leaving the network unprotected creates unnecessary risk – enough to put a small company out of business following a cyberattack. Installing security software and a firewall is not enough to protect valuable data assets that include employee records, sales and customer data, financial and banking information, intellectual property and documents needed for tax accounting.

To understand the scope of network security risk, you must know that any personally identifiable information (PII) you collect and store must be protected. PII can include anything identifying a person, such as a name, address, email, credit card information, driver’s license or Social Security numbers, and more. The business must notify the affected parties if any of this information is exposed in a breach. Companies may face regulatory fines for each record exposed, may be responsible for ongoing credit monitoring and will be vulnerable to consumer lawsuits. Risks may also include the cost of rebuilding data, network recovery and legal expenses, lost production and sales, and the loss of consumer, client and employee confidence.

Basic and Affordable: Managed Security Services from DIGIGUARD Advantage™

Witnessing the devastation that cyberattacks cause to unprotected networks, DIGIGUARD responded by developing a product that is affordable while providing basic cybersecurity for SMBs. The average small business cyberattack cost in 2021 was over $50,000 per incident. A subscription to DIGIGUARD Advantage™ costs a tiny fraction of that. Our trained and certified business network experts know that most SMBs do not require a full-time IT security officer but still need professional advice and cyber security management. Here are the steps we take for each new subscription and renewal subscription:



What is Included with DIGIGUARD Advantage™?

DIGIGUARD Advantage™ is a cyber security program providing essential IT security coverage for SMBs. We become your on-call experts for company network and endpoint IT security, as well as support and incident response. Our DIGIGUARD Advantage™ program reviews your entire security structure, then arms your employees with strategies to help avoid cyberattacks. Our experts then test and monitor your network for vulnerabilities. Renewals and assessments are automatic, so you never have to keep track of critical maintenance, updating or testing.

DIGIGUARD Advantage™ includes the basic cyber security coverage that all SMBs should have. In addition, knowing that trained and certified business network experts are managing your company’s cyber security allows you to focus on other tasks. Here is the detail of the services we include with every new subscription and each yearly renewal:

Cyber Risk Assessment

Employee-Targeted Training*

*We provide one-on-one security training at no additional fee for new employees hired after the initial company-wide training session. New employee training is always included (within your employee tier pricing level).


Cyber Security Monitoring

DIGIGUARD Advantage™ includes on-call support and response services. Contact us if you ever need to report a suspicious incident or concern. Incident support service is included in your subscription. Familiarity with your network allows us to respond with professional IT security management and react quickly to investigate and halt cyber incidents.

Why Do I Need a Security Awareness Training Program?

The majority of cyberattacks stem from human error. Users clicking on a malicious link in a phishing email, sharing a password, reusing passwords and other cyber-risky behaviors all increase the risk of cyberattacks. We include the security awareness training program to arm your employees with the knowledge they need to become “human firewalls,” helping to protect the network by recognizing and avoiding common cyber threats. Our cyber security assessment and testing let us know what training level is needed. Additionally, we conduct training for each new employee onboarding.

Cyber Security Firms in NYC: Rapid Response is Essential

Cyberattacks are exploding in volume, and new threat types emerge every day. Cyber security is not a “one-and-done” activity but rather an ongoing effort. SMBs are especially vulnerable because cybercriminals view them as easy targets: they typically lack strong network protection but hold valuable data that can be held for ransom or resold repeatedly on the dark web.

The growing demand for cyber security services means you must have a trusted partner in place to provide sound advice and prompt response when an attack occurs. Familiarity with your network and devices allows us to respond quickly to investigate and halt cyber incidents. Scrambling to find a cyber security firm to respond during a crisis delays recovery and adds to the costs and damage from an attack. DIGIGUARD Advantage™ includes on-call support and response services. Contact us if you ever need to report a suspicious incident or concern. Incident support service is a benefit of your subscription.

It’s time to have the cyber security conversation. Contact us today for detailed pricing and to schedule a call to discuss your company’s business cyber security needs. Avoiding a cyberattack is much less expensive and time-consuming than recovering from one.