Information Technology Security Policy Development

DIGIGUARD can develop an IT security policy for your small or mid-sized business. Our team of experts will work with you to create a customized, industry-specific and comprehensive set of policies. We will guide you through the IT security policy development process and identify risks that can be mitigated by IT policy controls. These policies are critical to the image and credibility of your business. Customers, partners, regulators and your employees need evidence of data protection. A robust IT security policy can:

IT Security Policy for Employees

We know that over 90% of investigated cyber threat incidents involved human error. No matter how many technical network defenses you put in place, one successful phishing email can let cybercriminals into your system. Creating a robust IT security policy, and communicating best practices to your employees, will help decrease your risk of cyber attacks. DIGIGUARD will develop a policy designed to give employees an appropriate amount of freedom to be productive while protecting your business with guidelines. Here are some of the policies we include:

IT Security Policy and Compliance

DIGIGUARD understands the compliance requirements for your industry and develops policies to help you and your subcontractors comply with administrative and technical guidelines, laws and regulations. Even SMBs are subject to minimum standards for data protection and could be fined or prosecuted for non-compliance. Some states have enacted new laws for compliance, and the requirements should be addressed in your policy. The compliance side of policy development must consider securing and protecting personal information and reassuring your customers that their data is not shared without consent. Our expert consultants help your business comply by looking at:

IT Security Policy and Infrastructure

An IT security policy outlines which systems should be in place to guard critical business data against cyberattacks. This policy tells IT and management which controls will be used to protect company data and who will be responsible for monitoring them. Our consultants can update your policy in response to company or system changes and new cyberthreats, or in response to previous cyberattacks. DIGIGUARD includes IT security policy technical infrastructure control information such as:

IT Security Policy Maintenance

An IT security policy needs to be a customized and accurate reflection of your company’s security strategy. With regular maintenance, your policy will guide IT security management and protect critical business data assets. Contact DIGIGUARD today to get started on IT security policy development.