Data Loss Recovery

DIGIGUARD can help your business locate and recover lost data and restore deleted files. Sudden data loss and work interruptions from malfunctioning equipment and deleted or corrupted files can be disruptive or inconvenient. Data loss can be devastating to your company and result in financial, legal, reputational and regulatory damages. Our experts can analyze the cause and scope of the issue and try a variety of technical solutions to locate and restore critical operational data quickly. Here are some of the data loss issues we can help you recover from:

Data Disaster Recovery

DIGIGUARD can manage the technical aspects of data recovery and restoration for your SMB. Repairing or replacing lost or damaged equipment and restoring operational data can help your company recover operations quickly after a physical or cybersecurity event. Our team will work with you to discover data recovery point and recovery time objectives and priorities and provide the time and technical resources to help your business IT systems get back up and running. Here are some of the locations we can attempt to recover and restore data for:

Data Restoration and Recovery Services

Data loss can interfere with productivity timelines and can cause loss of customers and reputation if deadlines are missed or sensitive data is not secure. DIGIGUARD will help your business restore secure data storage and data function as quickly as possible. Having the technical knowledge of how systems interact and how data should be organized and restored is essential to a smooth recovery. Our consultants have the tools, specialized equipment and facilities necessary for recovery and restoration. Data loss is divided into two types of failure: Logical data failures such as deletion or operating system issues, and mechanical failures such as physical damage, water or fire damage. Each failure type requires different approaches and professional and technical expertise to recover the maximum amount of data. Our experts can attempt data recovery from these types of events:

Backup and Recovery Services

Data backup and recovery requires a substantial commitment of time and resources for execution and management. After the data recovery and restoration phase is complete, DIGIGUARD can help you implement ways to preserve and facilitate a comprehensive and secure backup of your critical business data. Our team of consultants utilizes industry best practices and strategies for all your data storage and recovery needs. We offer a wide array of data storage services, including:

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