Cyber Incident Response

DIGIGUARD can respond to and manage cybersecurity incidents for your business. We work to reduce further damage to your IT and data systems and help you recover as quickly as possible. Effective incident response for SMBs is vital to protect company assets and reputation. Our consultants bring remediation expertise and industry cyber threat knowledge to resolve all aspects of a cybersecurity breach. Here is our incident response process:

Cybersecurity Breach Detection and Analysis

DIGIGUARD will use a variety of methods to verify and identify threats. Current industry intelligence, technical knowledge and detection systems and tools will help to determine the nature and scope of the threat. Our team of experts will review indicators from various sources, including:

Cyber Threat Containment and Removal

Once the threat source has been identified, DIGIGUARD will work to contain the damage. Preventing further penetration of the threat may require disabling network access and quarantining infected computers, installing security patches, and relying on backups to maintain operations during the crisis. Additional measures, such as password changes and account blocking, may be performed at this time. Our team will back up affected systems to preserve computer forensic evidence of the incident. Additional service restoration steps are necessary to ensure the threat has been eradicated such as:

Cyber Incident Recovery

DIGIGUARD will help your SMB navigate the recovery phase of a cyber incident. Additional tasks are required to comply with laws, compliance regulations and cybersecurity protocol. Our consultants will customize and prioritize recovery items for your business. At the conclusion, we will compile an executive summary of the incident, a detailed technical analysis of the incident and copies of any forensic evidence for insurance claims or litigation. Here are some of the items we address in our summary:

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