Cybersecurity and Network Security

Preventing cyberattacks is easier than recovering from them. A business-wide strategy to address cyber threats will keep your organization up and running. A secure network is the foundation of all cybersecurity measures. DIGIGUARD cyber network security services will protect your small business from malicious attacks and minimize any damage that occurs.

Network Security Design and Implementation

We design and implement secure networks. DIGIGUARD’s expert consultants will design the right system for your unique needs. Our network design includes layers of cybersecurity controls and training. We position these controls throughout your network, and segment your network to limit the scope of cyber attacks. This design strategy will help your business:

Event Monitoring and Management

Continuous monitoring of your network is essential to the health of your business. Customers and employees need to know their sensitive information is secure. In the case of a cyberattack, strong network security must be in place. DIGIGUARD uses the latest technology to monitor your entire network for:

Firewall and Access Control

Traditional firewalls are no longer effective in a cloud-based wireless environment. Your team needs access to company information from multiple locations. Small business digital assets are exposed to increased unauthorized access and cybersecurity risks. DIGIGUARD deploys firewalls to add layers of defense. Our team can quickly limit access based on:

Wireless Security

Wireless networks are essential for productivity. A secure wireless network helps your business stay competitive. These convenient wireless systems pose additional cybersecurity challenges. DIGIGUARD’s team will secure your wireless network to help defend against increasingly sophisticated threats. Here are some ways our consultants will secure your wireless network:

Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention

New sophisticated cyberattacks are constantly evolving. These malicious code-execution attacks can bypass traditional network security defense systems. DIGIGUARD uses advanced network intrusion detection and prevention systems. This service will help your business:

Multi-Factor Authentication

Phishing attacks may start with a single user password compromise. Traditional single name and password authentications are not enough to prevent account takeovers. Weak network security exposes your business data. DIGIGUARD multi-factor authentication services for cloud and on-premise include:

Network Management Services

DIGIGUARD oversees all aspects of your cybersecurity policy and planning. Your business data and reputation depend on strong virtual network security and IT security. Your data and your reputation rest on managing the full spectrum of cybersecurity needs. Our consultants will help your SMB with:

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