Network Infrastructure Security

DIGIGUARD can create and implement a strategic plan for your company to secure the security infrastructure, reduce the likelihood of a breach, ensure regulatory compliance and reduce costs. A robust security posture is critical to protect your business, data assets and company reputation. We specialize in cybersecurity for small and mid-sized businesses (MSBs). Our expert consultants understand and help balance the importance of managing cyber risk, enabling data compliance, avoiding workflow constraints and maximizing security ROI. We build layers of network security using:

IT Infrastructure Security Services

DIGIGUARD will help your SMB avoid security incidents and be more prepared for disasters. Our experts provide visibility into network security gaps and provide detailed plans to close the gaps to protect against likely threats. We help you understand how to maximize the systems you already have in place and how they interact. We are vendor-neutral and can provide options to fit your budget and future growth plans. We start by discovering all endpoints on your network and classifying data that needs prioritized protection and rapid disaster recovery. Our infrastructure services include:

Infrastructure Security Challenges

The number of devices in use and the amount of data collected and stored increases as your business grows. Protecting expanding networks can be costly and needs careful planning and implementation. This increased network surface expands ways for cybercriminals to attack your network. Managing on-site, cloud and hybrid business systems requires expertise and experience to prevent malicious attacks from spreading within your system. DIGIGUARD can help your company upgrade protection to ensure data security compliance and protect your business from the risk of lost, stolen or compromised data. Fines and legal liability consequences can be devastating for SMBs. Our team will help your business with these challenges:

Cloud Infrastructure Security

DIGIGUARD will help your business find and address vulnerabilities as more and more data storage and functions move to the cloud. We can scan and protect your network, whether it resides on-site, in the cloud or a hybrid combination. Our team will help locate, classify and prioritize data to reduce risk. Our consultants will uncover:

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