Phishing Awareness Training

Employee training is the best line of defense to reduce the risk of data compromise from phishing attacks. Unlike most forms of cyberattacks, phishing attacks are preventable. Rather than relying on technology to defend against attacks, phishing defense relies on employees to recognize and report attacks. DIGIGUARD cybersecurity experts will customize employee training and assessment for your small or mid-sized business. Our consultants will educate your employees on how to spot and report phishing attempts. We will explain the dangers of engaging with or sharing credentials with suspicious sources. Our team will gather information about the goals and scope of your project and provide:

Baseline Testing

DIGIGUARD will simulate several common phishing scenarios across your company employees to assess the general level of vulnerability and determine which areas, departments, roles or employees need the most remediation. Our testing template will enable our team to gather baseline results to assess all levels of employees, up to and including senior management. This information will tell us where to focus your employee training and will allow us to measure progress. Our consultants will also observe general cybersecurity email practices at your company and observe adherence to:

Phishing Awareness Training

Phishing attacks are constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated. Comprehensive training will help your employees understand and defend against these attacks. Empowering your employees to recognize and report phishing attempts and other suspicious cybercrime attempts is the best defense for your business. DIGIGUARD will help your company make cyber safety a priority. We train your employees to stop and report any suspicious items or phishing attempts. Our training covers a broad array of phishing scenarios, and we will focus on the newest and most common forms of phishing including:

Results and Cybersecurity Guidance

Cyberattacks can have devastating and costly consequences for businesses. Employees need ongoing training and reassessment to stay vigilant against new sophisticated forms of phishing and social engineering. Changes to company processes and adding new employees can signal a need for additional training and testing. Phishing awareness training will help your company in the quest for robust and comprehensive cybersecurity and creating a culture of safety and data protection. Our reports and assessments will include areas of employee strengths and weaknesses, and topic suggestions for your next training event. DIGIGUARD consultants will provide detail highlighting which departments and employees could benefit from additional training interventions. Our experts can schedule regular phishing simulation exercises to continuously monitor your company for safe internet usage.

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