Best Malware Protection

DIGIGUARD can help secure your business IT systems with malware protection. The majority of malware is used to make money for cybercriminals by stealing confidential or valuable data. The data is then sold or used to launch additional attacks. There is a wide range of malware categories in use, and new types continuously emerge. Malware is designed to bypass security and avoid detection, which makes it difficult to detect without software and technical expertise. Our consultants will utilize a variety of tools to monitor for and detect these types of malware:

Malware Prevention

Malware prevention is an essential component of comprehensive cybersecurity. Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) often lack the dedicated resources, personnel and layered defenses to avoid sophisticated threats, making them prime targets for cybercriminals. DIGIGUARD can handle malware protection for your company. We utilize automated software and tools that continually monitor and detect malware that has evaded perimeter defenses. Advanced malware protection requires multiple layers of safeguards, along with network visibility and threat intelligence. We respond and provide guidance on remediation and additional steps that may be required to secure your data and systems. Our consultants manage malware breach protection for your SMB network with these services:

Antivirus and Antimalware Software Options

Some antivirus software scanning products are designed to detect viruses, and some antimalware products are designed to remove malware. DIGIGUARD consultants will select and install the correct products on your system to provide comprehensive coverage. Our team of experts can respond to software alerts and verify that the infection has been located, contained and removed, including areas beyond software coverage. New malware threats are continually emerging, and many infections target industry-specific sectors. Our team applies the latest threat intelligence to your company’s network and data security and is alert for the digital trails and evidence of new malware threats.

Advanced Malware Protection Strategies

DIGIGUARD offers a wide array of cybersecurity services for SMBs. Malware protection is one essential layer of a comprehensive IT security program. Our expert consultants can help you with other aspects of cybersecurity. We can offer suggestions, including:

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