Malware Protection

Malware is an increasing threat for small and midsized business. These malicious programs seek to invade and damage your company’s computer systems. Malware can even take control of your endpoint devices and networks. A malware cyber-attack can slow or halt your business operations for days, weeks or months. Cybercriminals are now leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to exploit vulnerable IT systems. DIGIGUARD deploys comprehensive and integrated products designed to protect against these types of malware:

Malware protection requires a layered and holistic approach for full coverage. Our consultants begin by proactively protecting your business data systems on-premise or in the cloud. We automate these systems for continuous protection. DIGIGUARD cybersecurity protection includes tools that will rapidly engage to isolate threats and limit the spread of malware within your system. We use automated, scheduled and on-demand detection methods.

Endpoint Security Management

Endpoint security management will authenticate and grant access rights to endpoint devices. The more of these devices you use in your business, the greater your coverage and cybersecurity management needs are. DIGIGUARD consultants scan your business for all endpoint devices including:

DIGIGUARD can manage the access rights and security protection for these devices. We will help your business choose and apply policies to mitigate the external and internal threats posed by endpoint device access.

Firewalls and Antivirus Software

Anti malware for business, and antivirus software, can detect suspicious files and quarantine or delete them. Our cybersecurity experts will pinpoint encryption and protection options designed to prevent malware attacks from occurring or spreading. Cybersecurity software and firewalls may include an on-site solution for businesses that don’t operate in the cloud or are bound by regulations requiring an on-site solution. Cloud-based solutions have expansive coverage, scalability and integration options between products. Our consultants are familiar with all product options and will help you obtain seamless malware coverage. The DIGIGUARD team will find integrated solutions to protect all the systems and product brands that your company uses.

Policy Development and Training

It’s essential to invest in regular, ongoing training for your employees. Frequent reminders help teams recognize the latest security threats, including phishing emails and other social engineering tactics. DIGIGUARD experts can create comprehensive policy and procedure documents and training. We will help you determine the types of permissions granted or denied to employees and which devices have access to network data. Having firm policies and staff training will protect your business from costly and time-consuming cyber attacks. Our consultants can run training sessions tailored to your needs, or provide event speakers for your conferences and association meetings.

Malware Remediation

DIGIGUARD’s cybersecurity team offers malware remediation services. We not only clear the active infection agent, but will also remove malware scattered throughout your network system. This step will reduce the likelihood of reinfection. Our team will review system history to uncover the compromise and return all systems to a clear, functioning state. Our cybersecurity experts can wipe compromised or corrupted devices and systems and attempt to restore data from backups.

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