Data Security and Compliance

DIGIGUARD provides comprehensive data security and compliance solutions that help your business store, share and use data. Information security (infosec) is essential for any company. Vendors and partners are increasingly demanding proof of data security compliance as a contractual requirement. Our team of cybersecurity experts will analyze your needs and help you select from these solutions:

Securing Data Files

DIGIGUARD can put protection in place to help prevent data breaches and halt any threats before loss and damage occurs. We will help protect your valuable and sensitive files from insider threats and breaches from cyberthieves. We use:

Organizing Data

DIGIGUARD will discover and classify all of your data. Our team will manage the full scope of your business data and reveal forgotten, unused or improperly added databases. We will help you reduce cybersecurity risk and improve data compliance by:

Monitoring and Protecting Data

DIGIGUARD can design protections that help you monitor and protect your sensitive data. You can get notifications anytime someone accesses your data, so that threats are detected and shut down quickly. Our consultants can:

Assessing Data Risk

DIGIGUARD will scan your database for misconfigurations and security vulnerabilities. We will suggest ways to correct and remediate cybersecurity gaps by:

Masking Data

Protecting data involves many tactics, including masking the importance of the files. DIGIGUARD can help lessen the risk to your data and help you comply with data protection regulations by fictionalizing certain types of data. Our team of experts can:

Data Compliance

DIGIGUARD understands industry-specific compliance requirements and regulations. Our consultants will apply current industry guidelines and benchmarks when assessing your data protection coverage and processes. Complying with requirements will help audits be less time-consuming and worrisome. Here are some of our data protection compliance focus areas:

Contact DIGIGUARD today and learn how to protect your data no matter where it is stored. We help small and mid-sized businesses manage data security, monitor data access, and comply with data regulations.