Cyber Threat Detection

DIGIGUARD can detect and respond to cyber threats on business networks and endpoints. Our consultants monitor your environment utilizing customized software, expertise, threat intelligence, tools and analytics to discover unusual network traffic and user behavior patterns. We validate actual threats and filter false alerts so you can avoid disruptions and concentrate on running your business. You will receive reports on incident and threat details along with guidance for remediation.

Many SMBs lack a dedicated cybersecurity team and may not have full system visibility or knowledge of effective cyber threat response. Cybercriminals who have breached your defenses may linger and return at will to move around in your network environment. Discovering and quickly remediating threats can limit cyber risk and business impact, including data loss and compromise and the escalating costs associated with cyberattacks. Our consultants provide managed detection and response (MDR) services to discover threats on your network:

Identifying Cybersecurity Threats

There are many ways cybercriminals can breach your network defenses. The most common methods are through malware, phishing attacks and compromised credentials. Software may be able to detect common forms of malware. Credential theft and insider attacks are more difficult to detect, and require trained expert analysis to recognize the subtle signs and clues of abnormal network traffic and anomalous activity. DIGIGUARD manages threat detection and response for SMBs. Evolving threats and increased regulatory requirements for data security make comprehensive threat detection and management essential for your business. Here is how we protect your on-premise, cloud and hybrid networks:

Analyzing Cyber Threat Data

Threat detection and monitoring require gathering and analyzing large amounts of complex data. Businesses must know what to look for, record and store what is security-relevant, and then recall the information quickly to take full advantage of the collected data. In-house monitoring may not be cost-effective for SMBs due to technical and scalability issues. DIGIGUARD manages the cybersecurity data analysis without creating additional problems or disrupting business workflow and production. Our consultants utilize these and other indicators to monitor and track suspicious activity and detect threats on your system:

Cyber Incident Response and Recovery

DIGIGUARD will respond to stop the progression of an attack and mitigate downtime and impact to your critical business systems. Our team of experts documents the incident and stores event data and responses for reporting and compliance purposes. Quick detection can contain and isolate a threat and prevent it from moving laterally throughout your system. We test your system to make sure all gaps are remediated.

Remediation can be costly and time-consuming. Halting attacks as quickly as possible can help avoid the disruption and costs of re-imaging your system from backup storage. Our consultants can help your business get back up and running safely, and provide suggestions for reducing cyber risk. Our MDR services help protect your business and reduce risk.

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