Cyber Security Speakers

DIGIGUARD can speak at your next event on ways to avoid cyber security risks. We improve cyber security awareness with customized training events and workshops that address unique risks and industry-specific requirements. Our presenters will align presentations with your cyber security initiatives to create an engaging and informative event. We have decades of experience and will illuminate training with real-life examples from your industry. Our consultants can help you improve security awareness with:

Cyber Awareness Training

DIGIGUARD will help you choose cybersecurity topics for your event. Perhaps your business has had a recent cybersecurity incident or will be anticipating changes to industry compliance regulations. Our educators will research and present the necessary information from a cybersecurity point of view. Our goal is data safety and network protection. We will teach your group how everyday cyber safe practices apply to your specific industry type, including common pitfalls. Create your training topics and agenda or choose from our list of topics, including these and more:

Improve Cyber Security Awareness

DIGIGUARD believes that cybersecurity is a shared responsibility. Human error, or the human firewall, is the greatest threat to a company’s cybersecurity. Well-trained employees can reduce the number of cybersecurity events your business needs to respond to and the associated costs, downtime and risks of these events. Teaching and empowering employees to spot and avoid threats protects your valuable business data assets. Training sends a powerful message to customers, vendors and regulators that your group is serious about cybersecurity.

Security Awareness Program Goals

DIGIGUARD will help your company or trade association understand and appreciate the ROI of cybersecurity awareness training. The potential costs of a cyber-attack can be devastating for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs.) Regulatory fines, loss of customers and vendor contracts, legal fees, and notification costs have forced some companies to close their doors. Any training is worthwhile, and comprehensive training solutions can reduce your risk considerably. Here are more ways that training events can improve your risk profile:

Ongoing training workshops and presentations can take place at regular intervals, for post-incident review or for new employee onboarding. We look forward to providing expert guest speaker presentations for your trade group or association events at your facility or off-site locations. Contact DIGIGUARD today to schedule a security awareness program for your team.