Device Security

DIGIGUARD can manage mobile device security for your business. The increased adoption of mobile devices has improved employee efficiency, but it has opened up new threats and challenges for corporate data security. Mobile device security is a critical component of a comprehensive network infrastructure security plan. Taking appropriate security steps will reduce risk and protect your data from loss and compromise. Our expert consultants will help your business with the following mobile device security concerns:

Mobile Device Management

Businesses must exert control over mobile devices to protect sensitive data and intellectual property. DIGIGUARD customizes device security management for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) that may have a variety of company-owned or employee-owned devices such as phones, tablets and laptops. We will add strategic and comprehensive security that understands and accommodates the way your company uses mobile devices for work. Here are some security challenges our consultants plan for:

Device Policy

DIGIGUARD can create or update a comprehensive device security policy for your business. We will help you gain stakeholder and employee buy-in by gathering input and perspective from the departments and end-users and understanding their needs. Once a policy is in place, employees should be given proper training and held accountable for adhering to the policy. By implementing a written and acknowledged device security policy and other security measures, you can improve the protection of valuable business and customer data and reduce the risks and potentially devastating costs of data loss and compromise. We will address these items when creating your company mobile and remote device policy:

BYOD Security

SMBs face the decision of allowing employees to use their own computing devices for work. BYOD devices come with the opportunity and benefit of reduced hardware and software costs, increased production and greater employee satisfaction. However, these phones, tablets and laptops add to the burden of your IT department and increase security risks for your company if not correctly configured. DIGIGUARD can help your business capitalize on the benefits of and manage risk for BYOD with these actions:

Taking steps to safeguard the security of data and systems will allow your employees and contractors to take advantage of all the benefits of mobile and remote devices. Contact DIGIGUARD for comprehensive device security.