Digital Investigation Services

DIGIGUARD performs digital forensic investigations for your business. We collect, analyze and report digital evidence to recover lost data, confirm a breach, document insider threats, provide evidence or confirm suspicions. Regardless of the motive or source, data loss and compromise can result in business disruption, brand damage, litigation exposure, and financial loss. Our team of technical experts uses forensically sound and repeatable methodologies to perform the following digital investigation services:

Locate and Recover Lost Data

DIGIGUARD can recover business data or evidence that has been deleted maliciously or accidentally. Data and deleted data reside in many locations in your network. Our team of experts can create a forensic image of this information from computer media such as hard drives, USB drives, removable storage drives, servers and other media that store electronic data. Here are some of the items we can recover:

Investigate Insider Threats

DIGIGUARD can help you confirm suspicions or gather digital evidence for employee or partner actions. Wherever you are in the process, our consultants will use technical expertise to prepare justification, quantify loss, limit additional loss and damage or meet with legal or insurance representatives to present digital evidence. Our consultants can discreetly help with the following insider threat digital investigations:

Cyber Breach Investigations

DIGIGUARD can manage, investigate and resolve cybersecurity incidents like breaches. We determine the type of attack and the extent of the damage and compromise. Our consultants collect evidence and determine if data can be recovered. We document breach activity root cause and recommend ways to prevent a recurrence. We can fully manage cyber breach incidents, including documenting the incident for insurance or legal purposes.

Mobile Device Investigations

Mobile devices pose increasing security risks to businesses. These risks include confidential information, intellectual property and user privacy. DIGIGUARD will collect, analyze and report on digital data mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, PDA devices and GPS devices. Our team will discover your objectives and integrate our analysis between device, computers and cloud to recover both live and deleted data including:

Specialized Digital Investigation Services

DIGIGUARD can perform commonly requested digital investigation services as well as a variety of specialized investigations. We use specialized tools and technology to investigate many areas of IT and digital data issues. Here are some of the additional services our team of consultants can help with:

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