Cyber Intelligence Training

DIGIGUARD can speak to your group about cyber threat intelligence at your next meeting or trade event. Using evidenced-based knowledge, we train your employees and associates about the tactics, techniques and procedures used by cybercriminals. Understanding the threat actors, their intent and their capabilities can help your group better evaluate cyber threat intelligence. We will customize the presentation for your industry with related case studies and surprising details of high-potential and newly discovered threats.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Businesses can use and benefit from cyber threat intelligence in multiple ways. Threat Intelligence can help protect and strengthen data security, reduce unplanned incident remediation spending and reduce unscheduled operational downtime from cybercrime incidents and attacks. Businesses can also gain additional insight into acceptable risk and staffing and security budget decisions. DIGIGUARD experts will illustrate other ways companies can benefit from expanded threat intelligence:

Sources of Cyber Threat Intelligence

Security teams are usually unable to process all of the threat alerts they receive. DIGIGUARD can present strategies for managing increasing threat alerts and false cybersecurity alarms for SMBs that may have limited coverage and resources for IT security. In addition to available monitoring software, we will share reliable sources for strategic threat intelligence and information for businesses, including:

Evaluating Cyber Threats

DIGIGUARD will teach your group how security professionals evaluate cyber threat intelligence. Our experts share industry knowledge and checklists in use by cybersecurity teams to assess potential threats. Triaging threats can speed up incident response and evaluation. Common questions include:

DIGIGUARD will shed light on cyber threat intelligence and help your organization get the most benefit out of this knowledge. Having broad insight into cyber threats, and understanding the motivation and common tactics of cybercriminals, can help your business know where to spend to protect mission-critical data and systems. Contact DIGIGUARD today to schedule a cybersecurity expert to speak at your next meeting, conference or trade event.