Cyber Threats and Security

DIGIGUARD can help protect your business against cyber threats. Many small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) lack an in-house IT department or lack the technical expertise to protect business data and IT systems thoroughly. Our cybersecurity consultants will assess your existing security, identify threats, develop a response plan and implement measures to mitigate risks. Our team of experts can help your company:

Protecting Against Cyber Threats

Cyber threats come from a variety of sources and are motivated by financial gain, disruption goals or corporate espionage. DIGIGUARD will discover which data and systems are critical for business operations and prioritize them for protection and recovery. Our consultants will put safeguards in place to reduce the likelihood of attacks from the most common threat sources, including:

Types of Cyber Threats

Cyberattacks can be deeply destructive and costly events, or milder disruptions that take time, funds and attention to resolve. New cyber threats and detection methods are continually evolving. DIGIGUARD experts use continuously updated threat intelligence, specialized tools and software to quickly discover the digital tracks, source and scope of cyber threats. Here are the most common cyber threats for SMBs:

Our cybersecurity experts can provide comprehensive security management services or help your business with security strategy and project options. Contact DIGIGUARD to speak with a consultant.