Cyber Threat Protection

When it comes to security, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have at least two crucial assets to consider—their networks and their data. Both are connected in terms of security compromises. If a small business network is breached, cybercriminals can gain access to valuable data. Sufficient cyber threat protection and prevention for your network and data can feel overwhelming. Customers, regulators, employees and 3rd party vendors expect you to keep data assets private and secure. DIGIGUARD can help you proactively monitor and manage your networks for malicious intrusions and suspicious activity. Our team of experts will help reduce risk and vulnerability gaps that threaten assets and business continuity. We utilize the latest threat detection tools and techniques to analyze network traffic and identify suspicious activity and threats. We monitor cloud, on-premise and hosted data centers. We can also contract with your business to supplement in-house staff. DIGIGUARD will:

Secure Network Perimeter

DIGIGUARD consultants will utilize strong next-generation firewalls and advanced malware protection to secure your network perimeter. Cyber threats continue to evolve, and no company is fully immune to data breaches. We will add additional security layers such as intrusion prevention, application visibility control and filtering for enhanced protection. Our experienced team applies both vulnerability protection and threat detection to locate and halt cyber-attacks, which could remain undetected for long periods in your network without comprehensive protection.

Network Segmentation and Data Isolation

DIGIGUARD can segment your network to limit the flow of information when indicated. We will assess data flow with a comprehensive overview to understand what data you have, who needs access to it and what normal data activity looks like. Our team of experts can restrict which endpoints have access to which systems, limiting and isolating unauthorized access from internal threat actors or external cyberthieves. We understand and balance the risks of efficient workplace data access against the constraints of access restriction. We will take steps to safely segment your network and isolate data including:

Protect Remote and Mobile Users

DIGIGUARD will help you protect your data no matter where it resides. We protect the data on-premise and in public/private cloud networks. Remote and mobile network data protection continues to challenge small and mid-sized business cybersecurity. Our team can deploy continuous monitoring and alerts for suspicious and unusual activity. More than half of all employees use mobile and remote technology for work, and this number increases every year. Our consultants can help your business adapt to these changes securely.

Discover and Control Threats

Detecting and responding to threats quickly will help reduce risk and mitigate the damage from cyber attacks. DIGIGUARD consultants have the expertise to deal confidently with cyber threats and data breaches. We will prepare your company with incident response plans and will test network protection and update plans as new threats evolve. Our team will:

Stay ahead of emerging cyber threats. Contact DIGIGUARD today for information on cyber threat protection options.