Cyber Risk Assessment

A cyber risk assessment provides an expert overview of your existing IT security state. DIGIGUARD consultants will review all of your data and IT security systems, and report on cybersecurity gaps and system vulnerabilities. We will help you prioritize IT security goals, suggest strategies, and apply current best practices to protect your important data assets and business functions.

Evaluating Existing Coverage

Your small business will have some inherent cybersecurity risks based on industry type. Our team will apply industry framework assessments to understand your data types, data gathering processes and data storage and retrieval functions. DIGIGUARD consultants will also look at existing cybersecurity protections such as firewalls, antivirus software and existing company security policies and procedures. This comprehensive evaluation process will allow us to identify:

Aligning Strategies and Identifying Priorities

DIGIGUARD will gather a variety of information to fully understand the scope and value of your critical business data. We will conduct an impact assessment to quantify the true cost of a breach to each area of data in your business. We will consider losses due to missed revenue, lost service opportunities, downtime losses, fines, and loss of reputation and future business. Once the potential loss risks are identified, our consultants will help you prioritize the areas in need of protection. We will provide a list of:

Mitigate and Improve Cyber Risk

DIGIGUARD experts will complete the in-depth review of current controls and compile an actionable correction plan. Our team can then be engaged to deploy all or some of the prioritized new safeguards and implement your company’s updated IT security policies. Should a breach occur, we will help your business get up and running as quickly and safely as possible. We will help you:

Cyber Risk Training

Any cyberprotection system can be compromised by the carelessness or ignorance of employees, vendors and partners. Part of the cyber risk assessment process includes interviewing and observing members of your team and discovering their data gathering and storage processes. We will evaluate system history as well as industry best practice recommendations to custom design cybersecurity policies for your business. The DIGIGUARD experts will improve your efforts to reduce risk and improve information management and contractual compliance. Our consultants know that changes such as adding new employees, adding new software or equipment, changing processes or locations signal a need for additional training. We can help you:

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