eDiscovery Management

DIGIGUARD can locate, recover and preserve electronically stored information (ESI) for your business. Our eDiscovery services can manage the technical and time-consuming task of fulfilling compliance or litigation requirements. The growing volume of data, evolving data compliance requirements, time constraints and penalties for non-compliance make eDiscovery expertise essential for SMBs. Our experts utilize industry standards and best practices to fulfill data search needs and will help your business:

eDiscovery Services

Regulations, time frames, new data formats, and large amounts of digitally stored information can overwhelm organizations as they respond to discovery requests. Our eDiscovery services will preserve data, recover active file content, and manage the data chain of custody. We provide comprehensive compliance and litigation eDiscovery support, including retention, legal hold, project case management and data export. We use a variety of tools and search methods to gather information from physical and cloud sources and determine which portion is relevant. DIGIGUARD will help you meet deadlines, control costs and manage eDiscovery compliance risk. We gather a full range of data from any storage platform and can provide these services:

DIGIGUARD can simplify the task of retaining, searching and producing ESI. Companies must be able to find, hold and produce information when requested by regulators or courts. If not performed adequately, organizations can face fines, sanctions, penalties, lost revenue, and additional legal costs. A compliant eDiscovery process is dependent upon sound information governance and management. Risk increases when businesses cannot control or find requested data within allowable timeframes. Under- and over-collecting data can also add to costs and increase risk. Even SMBs that have an IT department can be overwhelmed by large numbers of requests. Our expert consultants will comply with your industry requirements and can fulfill these and other data requests:

Custom eDiscovery Solutions

Contact DIGIGUARD to get informed guidance on eDiscovery decision making. Our consultants perform extensive searches to locate records, user details, file access data and evidence of malicious attacks while maintaining computer media validity. Our consultants can locate data anywhere ESI is stored, such as email, CRM data, presentations, social media posts, voicemails, word processing files, and spreadsheets. We offer additional customized data services, including:

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