Cyber Risk Management

Small businesses have unique compliance requirements and technology systems. They also face unique risks and vulnerabilities. DIGIGUARD will help your company identify and mitigate cybersecurity risks from all digital and IT business activities. Our specialists will utilize the latest testing, technology and industry best practices to assess your overall business cyber risk profile. Our team of experts offers comprehensive and strategic executive-level consulting and management services for all of your cybersecurity needs.

Cyber Risk Assessment

DIGIGUARD consultants will take a comprehensive overview of your company’s cybersecurity risks and business IT system protection goals. We will create an effective plan that addresses operations and compliance requirements. We will help you set policies and procedures designed to take your cyber risk management plan from reactive to proactive. The DIGIGUARD team will look at:

Vulnerability Assessment

DIGIGUARD will assess and identify coverage gaps and deficiencies in your IT security systems. We will report our findings to you and suggest risk-based remediation plans to prevent malicious cybercriminals from accessing your systems. Our team of experts will review the following items:

Phishing Assessment

Phishing attempts are one of the most frequent social engineering methods used by cybercriminals. Clicking on malicious email and text links can lead to stolen data, compromised credentials and malware injections into your business network IT systems. The DIGIGUARD team will design and conduct phishing assessments for all employee levels within your company. Simulations will expose team weaknesses in cybersecurity policy and performance. Our consultants will gather analytics and report findings. Assessments can also be used to demonstrate compliance. We will examine:

Security Configuration Assessment

Security configuration assessment is the best way to determine deficiencies in your cybersecurity defenses. Small businesses that lack a dedicated information security officer may not discover security misconfigurations or be able to remove unnecessary software and services from their system. We can help your business demonstrate regulatory IT security compliance, or help plan system cloud migrations. We are experienced in configuring the consolidation of IT systems and data during business mergers. DIGIGUARD cybersecurity experts will:

Data Security and Compliance

DIGIGUARD consultants will secure your sensitive and proprietary data from cybercriminals. We look at data stored in your business computers, portable devices, hard drives and storage systems as well as the data you send and receive. Data breaches are expensive and embarrassing incidents for businesses and may include fines, penalties and legal actions. Our team understands data security and compliance, and our services can include:

Business Continuity and Cyber Security

Small companies need business continuity planning in the event of natural disasters such as fire or flood. Continuity planning must also include cyber disasters. Imagine getting to work and experiencing a complete IT system shut down. What would your first step be? DIGIGUARD will examine your overall technological infrastructure and create a framework for business continuity in the event of a disaster. Our team will look at hardware and devices, data and system functions. Planning includes recovering lost or encrypted data from backups and restoring function to your business operations. Cybersecurity continuity management planning includes:

CISO as a Service

A chief information security officer (CISO) is the senior-level executive responsible for establishing and maintaining the business strategy and protection of data and technology systems. Most small businesses lack this critical management role and instead utilize a consultant to navigate the rapidly changing cybersecurity landscape. DIGIGUARD provides comprehensive CISO services including:

Cyber Threat Protection

Cyberattacks are constantly evolving with new and malicious ways to breach your business IT systems. Small businesses frequently underestimate the risk of cyber threats. Cybercriminals may attempt to monetize your data in dark web forums or encrypt your data until you pay a ransom. When weighing the potential cost of cyberattacks against the cost of professional advisory services, you must factor in:

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