Business Continuity and Cyber Security

A business continuity plan (BCP) will help you recover quickly and limit downtime when a breach occurs. DIGIGUARD consultants will help you increase resiliency as they analyze and design a unique actionable plan for your small business. Managing your business continuity will keep your operations running smoothly and limit risk. Research shows that your risk is decreased by simply adding cybersecurity planning to your BCP. We can help you implement and manage your BCP, and can be engaged for crisis management and incident recovery efforts when disaster strikes. Cybersecurity and business continuity work hand-in-hand to protect critical data, speed response time to breaches, and save money by reducing downtime.

Planning and Preparing for Cyberattacks

Managing, recovering from and regaining function after a cyberattack requires expert planning. Data breaches can have a broad impact throughout your business, including impact to your partners and customers. DIGIGUARD cybersecurity experts will gather information from many areas of your business in order to create a comprehensive and objective BCP. Our team will focus on revenue-generating areas and document core business functions. We will:

Crisis Management

DIGIGUARD experts will include crisis management in your business continuity planning. We will help you take immediate and appropriate action to manage a cybersecurity crisis for your business. Comprehensive planning will help your business get in front of a crisis by having a plan to communicate with employees, customers, vendors, partners, media and regulators. We will help ensure that the company’s reputation is being properly managed while recovery is taking place. Having a BCP in place will help you focus on and manage recovery during an incident. Crisis management planning will include identifying core functions such as:

Disaster Recovery

Your business has taken steps to prevent cyberattacks, but you should be prepared to manage cyber incidents when new threats evolve and firewalls fail. DIGIGUARD experts will help you understand the implications cyber incidents will have on your business. We will take immediate steps to halt the damage and prevent the attack from recurring by examining vulnerabilities in your system. Our team will help you recover and restore IT service confidently and securely by:

Cyber Risk Resilience

Disaster recovery is a time-consuming and costly process. There is a lot to consider: catching up on tasks, processing orders, recovering lost data, and rebuilding goodwill and confidence. Having a business continuity plan in place will facilitate recovery by organizing and identifying proactively, rather than during a crisis. DIGIGUARD’s consultants will help your small business get back to normal.

Our plans help with recovery from cyber attacks, and will also be in place for recovering from traditional threats to workflow such as fire, flood, weather and supply chain disruptions. Threats caused by cyber criminals, insider threats or simple human error can have a devastating effect on your company. It’s important to have an experienced professional overview of the unique requirements and challenges of your network-enabled services and operations.

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