Network Security Solutions

DIGIGUARD can monitor, detect and respond to security threats on your network. We address alerts and suspicious behavior that originates from both inside and outside your network and help you demonstrate security compliance for customers, vendors and regulators. Our consultants can use your existing firewalls and security hardware to maximize your investments. We start with an IT and data asset inventory and vulnerability assessment to understand your goals, and then utilize a variety of tools and software to detect, analyze and respond to network data and device threats. Our cybersecurity experts can navigate the complexities of data security compliance regulations and perform the following services for your business:

Network Security Monitoring

DIGIGUARD collects, analyzes, and correlates security data from across your cloud and office environments to identify escalating threats, warnings and network intrusions. Software security alerts and technology alone are not sufficient to protect your network. Our expert consultants have the experience and training to view and understand which alerts indicate a threat to your critical business operations data, and which alerts can safely be eliminated. We quickly investigate any verified threats and prioritize security patching. Here are some of the areas we can investigate and monitor:

Network Threat Detection

DIGIGUARD integrates your existing security controls with monitoring software to provide security visibility into your network. Our experts can detect cyberattacks that escape perimeter defenses and compromise IT infrastructure. We utilize industry cybersecurity threat intelligence to detect and analyze the threat type, attack intrusion methods and scope of network compromise. Our cybersecurity consultants identify, analyze and manage threats using the following methods:

Network Security Incident Response

Discovering and remediating cybersecurity incidents on your network must be done quickly to manage damages and costs. The longer the threats remain in your system, the more costly they are to remediate, and the more potential there is for damage to your business data and reputation. DIGIGUARD consultants can reduce the incident dwell time and quickly contain the damage. We respond to network security threats using this process:

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