Event Speaking

DIGIGUARD can provide industry expert speakers for your next event. We will customize content and presentations for your audience group or employees. Events range from training workshops to keynote speaker services and many options in between. Our focus on small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) means we can address updated cyber threat intelligence, industry trends and cybersecurity best practices that impact and resound with your company or trade association members. Our team can inspire and train with real-life stories and examples of how SMBs can prevail in the age of rapidly changing technology and evolving IT security threats. Here are some event format options:

Cybersecurity Presentation Topics

Cybersecurity is a constant challenge due to the evolving threats and risks caused by new technology. Insufficient security can threaten your company and data. DIGIGUARD presentations and training on cybersecurity and IT security topics can help inform your business or organization on ways to protect financial, proprietary or personal data and systems. We provide your audience or employees with tools and strategies to protect valuable information. Our cybersecurity speakers can customize presentations and training to address specific SMB concerns, or can present on topics such as:

Cybersecurity Presentation Options

DIGIGUARD has a variety of options for event and training formats. We work with event planners and meeting planners to identify your needs and find the right topic and format for your group. Whether you are responding to a recent incident or proactively addressing cyber threats, we have business technology experts that can present complex ideas with ease. Our speakers will present from first-hand knowledge and extensive research, and will help instill and reinforce a culture of cybersecurity for the audience. Here are some of the roles we fulfill for you:

Cybersecurity Employee Training and Workshops

DIGIGUARD can provide in-house training for your employees, departments or managers. Businesses that are recovering from a cybersecurity incident may realize the need for additional employee training to reinforce strong and safe IT security practices. Recent risk assessments and phishing simulations may also indicate the need for additional training for your company, departments or individual employees. Our industry experts will customize training for all employee technical knowledge levels and regulatory and data compliance requirements. New technology rollouts, business expansions and mergers are also an important time to conduct training. Training can take place in single sessions or regularly scheduled intervals. Our consultants look forward to sharing industry knowledge to help keep your business safe from cyber threats and reduce cyber risk.

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