Ransomware Protection

DIGIGUARD can help protect your business against ransomware attacks. Ransomware is a type of malware attack used by cybercriminals to encrypt data until the attacker is paid a ransom. Payment is demanded in the form of untraceable cryptocurrency such as bitcoin. These sudden, costly attacks can be devastating for your business operations and take countless hours of effort to restore data, remove the malicious code and restore function to your business data and systems. The number and variety of these attacks continue to rise. Our team of experts can advise your SMB on the steps necessary to protect your business. We will customize your ransomware protection plan and help you update and implement the following protections for business data and IT systems:

Ransomware Prevention

The best strategy for stopping ransomware attacks is in preventing them from entering your system. As IT systems become more complex with more applications and devices, cyber threat risk and attack surfaces increase. DIGIGUARD consultants focus on preventing threats and holistically protecting business cybersecurity. We discover where your SMB is vulnerable and how ransomware attacks might enter your system. We look at these two main types of attack vectors:

Human Attacks: Need the help of humans and are designed to deceive and manipulate users into giving up confidential information.

Machine Attacks: Attacks are automated and spread machine-to-machine from simply visiting and opening a website.

Anti-Ransomware Strategies

DIGIGUARD experts have the threat intelligence your business needs to reduce the risk of ransomware attacks. Our team will take the time to understand your business data and operating systems and the unique threats you face. We help you prioritize protection and recovery planning with comprehensive data backup and testing. Our consultants know that separate offline or cloud data storage backup is the most effective security against ransomware threats. If a threat does get through your defenses, our team will respond to remove the threat, leverage your backup data and restore your critical data functions. We are vendor-neutral and can help you evaluate options and costs for additional security features and protections for your SMB, including:

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