IT Risk Assessments

Performing an IT risk assessment is an essential first step in your company’s risk management program. Pairing IT risk to enterprise-wide risk management can create more secure solutions, practices and policies for your business. DIGIGUARD provides a comprehensive review of your IT organization. We will identify flaws that could threaten the security of your network and data. Our consultants examine company practices and look for outdated software that could leave your business open to cyber threats. We will evaluate the threats, risks and vulnerabilities that threaten your IT infrastructure. Gaining an overview of your risk profile will help drive informed decision-making for your risk management goals and objectives.

An IT risk assessment is not merely a list of assets and security software. Our team of experts views the complex relationship of data, assets and processes and links them to controls, security and risk tolerance. With minimal impact on your staff and operations, our team will take an in-depth look at your security practices and software and create a complete risk profile. DIGIGUARD consultants will:

Identifying Critical Processes and Assets

DIGIGUARD consultants will identify all the information, processes, and information assets that are essential for the functioning and security of your business. Identifying critical components highlights what you need to protect, and what the loss consequences would be. We classify IT assets and their underlying data to rank the risk to your organization. This process also helps in the analysis and justification of IT security spending by understanding the potential business impact losses from a compromise versus the cost of upgrading your system.

IT System Vulnerability

IT risk assessments will locate vulnerabilities in your existing IT infrastructure and business applications and provide a contextual view of how they could affect your business as a whole. Patching and repairing vulnerabilities before cybercriminals exploit them will reduce IT risk and limit the impact of breaches. DIGIGUARD IT risk assessments will evaluate existing defenses and protective controls. Understanding the asset threats, and where they could originate, will help you improve your business IT defense plan and decrease technology flaws and vulnerability.

IT Risk Tolerance and Consequences

IT risk assessments examine issues such as system outages, application downtime and hardware failures. DIGIGUARD experts understand the type of data your business holds and the threats that could impact it. We rank by the likelihood and severity each risk poses to quantify the threat impact on your business. This scoring system will help you determine which threats pose the most significant risk, and how to better prepare and defend your business in the event of a cyberattack.

IT risk assessments can also include assessing the security measures of partner networks. If your business operational systems or financial systems are integrated, a breach in a vendor or third-party network can become a breach in your network. DIGIGUARD expert consultants can help you account for all significant risks, including:

IT Assessment Results

IT risk assessments gauge your company’s security awareness, practices and controls. You will gain valuable insight into how well your existing policies perform and how employees, departments, contractors and management understand IT security threats, vulnerabilities and safe practices. Our report will focus on your most valuable assets. We conduct a thorough assessment of protection for targeted, high-risk IT assets. DIGIGUARD will supply documented proof of an IT risk assessment, which may be needed to satisfy regulations or partner requirements, or document due diligence for data loss insurance claims.

Prioritize and Strategize IT Risk Management

Translating the assessment results into actionable remediation plans, and aligning them with IT strategy is a crucial step that should not be left undone after an IT risk assessment. Bringing decision-makers into the loop and getting buy-in on remediation and regular follow-up assessments are necessary to extract the full benefits of an IT risk assessment. The assessment will provide valuable and actionable insight into the state of your IT security and ways to improve organizational security strategy. The results may reveal the need to take steps on your own or with assistance to achieve the following improvements:

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