IT Governance

IT governance ensures the effective and efficient use of IT in helping your organization achieve its goals. DIGIGUARD helps small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) optimize existing IT governance and frameworks and create, implement, manage and monitor new frameworks. We look at your technology as a whole and help you plan for the future. Our team of experts delivers improvements with measurable value. We help you implement processes that reduce data security risk, decrease data storage costs, and improve data organization and access. Here are some of the items we can examine:

Strategic Alignment

Your business is subject to regulations for the protection of data, security and financial accountability. A structured IT governance plan will help you meet these internal and external industry requirements. Our team will balance productivity with governance to achieve your company’s unique short- and long-term strategic objectives. IT investments require expert strategic planning to align goals with objectives. DIGIGUARD experts will help you make informed and aligned decisions for structured IT governance and transformational initiatives.

Value Delivery

IT initiatives have the potential to transform your business. These initiatives can be a considerable investment. DIGIGUARD can guide decision-making for these IT investments, or provide cost-effective alternatives to help you realize the full value and expected outcomes. We will help you examine implementation costs, maintenance costs, and spreading costs over business units, locations and functions. Our expert consultants will help your business determine if an IT investment:

Risk Management

An IT governance framework is essential to manage and minimize risk within your organization. Our expert consultants can make you aware of the IT legal, regulatory and financial risks your organization faces. DIGIGUARD can recommend ways to manage and reduce risk and costs for secure data storage and handling. Our IT governance solutions can include:

Resource and Performance Management

IT governance helps businesses know if they are using IT assets efficiently and effectively. We will map your technology assets to demonstrate additional ways for you to use available resources. Here are some functions DIGIGUARD consultants can assist with:

IT Governance Planning

DIGIGUARD is your trusted advisor for custom IT governance and planning. Our services range from complete transformations to advisory services for projects and new technology evaluations. Contact DIGIGUARD today to discuss your IT governance project.