Cyber security Solutions and Strategy for SMBs

Small and midsized businesses need cyber security solutions that align with their budgets and IT infrastructure. DIGIGUARD can help you select the right solutions to manage your company’s unique IT security requirements. We specialize in the needs and concerns of SMBs that may lack a full-time IT security officer or may need assistance for their IT department. Our consultants stay on top of the changing cyber security landscape and know the best ways to protect your business network from digital threats. As your company expands and updates, we look ahead and provide IT security solutions that will scale with your growth. Our solutions start with these questions, and more:

Cyber security as a Service: Small Business Network Defense

DIGIGUARD defense solutions include adding layers of security throughout your network. Network vulnerabilities will always be present due to human error and the changing nature of cyberattacks. No one method or product is sufficient to secure your network, so we add security layers designed to be overlapping and redundant. Cybercriminals frequently change attack methods, so having multiple layers of protection is essential to limit the scope of breaches and manage IT security. Our defense layers can include:

Cyber security Monitoring

Interpreting cyber security analytics in the form of software alerts or system anomalies is an essential technical skill in cyber security monitoring. Software monitoring solutions send out constant alerts that can interrupt your work focus and create worry. DIGIGUARD monitoring service can assess each alert and quickly decide whether it can be safely dismissed, be watched as part of a developing trend, or need immediate action. There are many benefits to cyber security monitoring services, including:

IT Infrastructure Security and Managed Network Security

Balancing the need for robust security with the need for compliance, network speed, usability and budget requirements requires high-level knowledge and expertise. DIGIGUARD considers all these factors when designing or upgrading your IT security infrastructure, including cloud infrastructure security. Too many constraints can slow down the network speed or add too many cumbersome hurdles for employees. Inadequate protection can expose your business to unnecessary risk or disqualify you from bidding on new contracts. Our consultants examine these areas, and more:

Device Security: Mobile Device and BYOD Security Management

Managing network security includes managing all devices that access it and how they access it. Employees increasingly work from home and remote locations and use WiFi or virtual private networks (VPNs). Employees may be using company-supplied devices or personal laptops, phones and computers. Managing network access and deciding whether to allow bring-your-own-device (BYOD) access should be carefully planned and managed to keep your network secure. DIGIGUARD can help you weigh device security decisions, help develop written policy agreements for employees, and secure each device and endpoint to protect and prioritize your company’s cyber security. Here are the main areas we focus on for device security:

Managed Backup, Data Storage and Security Solutions

Businesses are increasingly data-dependent. If all your data were lost due to a disaster such as fire, cybercrime, theft, human error or sabotage, would you be able to recreate financial records, formulas, contracts, customer, product and sales records? The cost to recreate this data would far exceed the price of protecting it in the first place. DIGIGUARD can help your business plan and manage data backup, archived storage and data protection. Our consultants can help you save storage costs by classifying data based on sensitivity and the need for ready access. We’ll create multi-layered automated backups, and test them to ensure your data is available when needed to restart business operations quickly. Here are objectives we consider when planning managed backup data solutions:

Explore DIGIGUARD’s comprehensive solutions section for small and midsized business cyber security. Contact us to schedule a call. Our consultants can assess your needs and begin creating an IT security and protection strategy customized for your business.