Data Protection and Recovery

DIGIGUARD can create a comprehensive data protection and recovery plan for your business. We will help you restore operations quickly with minimal data loss in the event of a ransomware attack, error, natural disaster or equipment failure. Downtime and significant data loss from any source can be devastating to SMBs. Having a strong plan in place will let your employees, customers, suppliers and partners resume data access quickly. Our expert consultants will manage the complexity of planning and implementing data protection and recovery for your systems, critical business data, servers, applications and desktop operating systems. Here is our planning process:

Business Continuity Planning and Critical Data

Determining what data is essential to the proper functioning of your business is the first step in data protection and recovery planning. Performing a business impact analysis will help determine the amount of data to be protected. Assessing the effects of lost sales and productivity, reputation and brand damage and lost progress on projects will help prioritize data storage expenditures. Here is what we look at to identify critical data:

Defining Recovery Point and Time Objectives

DIGIGUARD will help you determine recovery point and recovery time objectives for each area of company data. Our experts will help choose the correct tools and storage options for your business. Recovery points are the time between each data backup, and address how much progress you could lose. Recovery points could vary between areas such as data entry or e-commerce, for instance. Controlling recovery points can represent time, bandwidth and cost considerations for your data protection and recovery plan.

Recovery times address how long your business can go without having access to an application, system, or computer, and how quickly assets can be restored following a disaster. Tolerance for recovery time will depend on the nature and type of business and operations. Off-site storage and new processes can be added and customized, such as:

Data Storage Options

DIGIGUARD can manage data storage and recovery. Protection and recovery plans can back up data to multiple locations such as cloud, servers, off-site and on-premise. Our consultants will select storage locations considering performance metrics, including failover and failback times, and recall time. We help you choose hardware and software storage options that are compatible with your systems, avoid costly redundancies and provide maximum return on investment.

Data Recovery Testing and Management

DIGIGUARD can implement and automate your data protection and storage and perform the regular system testing to verify viability and proper backup execution. Testing indicates how much data has been recovered, recovery time, and if it is corrupted by storage or transmission. Data backup drills can be disruptive but are necessary to protect your business assets. It’s essential to have technical knowledge during testing and to select optimal timing for testing.

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