Wireless Penetration Testing

Wireless penetration testing is a critical part of small business cybersecurity. Testing and assessing your system can discover weaknesses and access points in your wireless infrastructure. These vulnerable areas can allow cybercriminals to gain access to privileged areas of your network, such as customer financial data or valuable pricing and sales data. The convenience and accessibility of wireless (WiFi) makes it invaluable for businesses, but that ease of use comes with some cybersecurity risk. DIGIGUARD will assess your wireless network for areas of weakness and provide a clear actionable report of needed remediation and strategy for short- and long-term improvement. We focus this assessment on WiFi as the path a cybercriminal might use to exploit network vulnerabilities. Our team of experts will:

Wireless Penetration Testing Assessment

DIGIGUARD will review the standards for your industry and apply any guidelines or requirements to the penetration testing (pen testing) process for your business. We then examine the scope of your wireless system and discover all devices that use wireless technology. Our consultants will check for weaknesses, technical flow, and wireless vulnerabilities. Penetration testing includes attempting to gain unauthorized access to your WiFi system and endpoints the same way a cybercriminal would, also known as “ethical hacking.” Our experts will determine if you have critical assets at risk and if our experts can gain access. We use automated and manual testing from a variety of sources and cybersecurity industry best practices to discover:

Reporting Assessment Results

DIGIGUARD provides comprehensive reporting after wireless penetration testing is completed and analyzed. We notify you in advance of the full report if our team discovers any critical risks. We provide mapping and details of what we tested, how we attempted to exploit any vulnerabilities, and the results. We will explain the impact of a wireless network breach on your business. We make prioritized recommendations to remediate the threats. We will let you know what areas of your wireless system are secure and optimized, too. Here are some of the points our consultants will report on:

Remediation and Retesting

DIGIGUARD’s recommendations will be specific about what improvements are needed, why they are needed and how they will improve the safety and performance of your wireless system. Remediation should focus on threat risk prevention and detection, data theft detection, and upgrading your company’s cybersecurity infrastructure. After remediation of wireless vulnerabilities occurs, our team can perform an external penetration test to verify remediation efforts are successful, and that you have taken the necessary steps to secure your network and protect data.

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