Data Privacy Presentations

DIGIGUARD can train your employees or industry group on data privacy and security awareness and best practices. Our consultants will share decades of experience in how to collect, store, transmit and safely destroy private and sensitive data. Employees continue to present the greatest risk to data privacy and security. Our training presentations include industry-specific examples of successful data privacy policies and compliance and the consequences of failing to protect data privacy. Privacy awareness training workshops and events are customized for your regulatory needs and address privacy awareness during these data lifecycle stages:

Privacy Training to Improve Data Security

Convenient group training presentations deliver shared knowledge to your entire company. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of the risks and consequences, your departments can safely design and implement changes into their daily data workflow and processes. IT, legal, sales and HR can align data handling and lifecycle decisions regarding personally identifiable information and sensitive personal data. Here are some benefits of privacy awareness training:

Stakeholder Buy-In for Data Privacy and Protection

DIGIGUARD privacy awareness training presentations can help you make the case for improving data privacy and security at your organization. Getting your group on the same page and making sure they know the risks and far-reaching consequences of a breach can help decision-makers arrive at an informed decision. Our presentations will help your company:

Data Privacy Presentation Topics

DIGIGUARD will customize a presentation for your group. We will address industry-specific regulations that apply to your business and other general data compliance regulations and best practices. We can look at your existing policy and test your group beforehand to identify areas of greatest need. Our experts will discuss items you have pre-identified or suggest topics for your group, including:

Contact DIGIGUARD today to create data privacy awareness training for your company, organization or industry association. Our experts have decades of experience and will customize the training content and presentation style for all departments and skill levels.