Small Business Cybersecurity

DIGIGUARD offers a comprehensive selection of cyber protection services. Our team of experts will handle all your cybersecurity needs or manage single projects. Here are some key focus areas for small businesses:

Cybersecurity, Network Security and Firewall Security

Cybersecurity is a key component of a comprehensive business risk management program. DIGIGUARD takes a strategic approach in protecting your data assets, intellectual property, and brand reputation. We combine cyber risk management approaches with the latest cyberprotection technologies. We assess risk, conduct threat analysis and detection, and develop IT cybersecurity procedures and training for your small business. Our team responds quickly to breaches.

Data Protection and Recovery

Your business stores and protects internal business data as well as private customer data. This sensitive information resides in multiple areas within your organization. The DIGIGUARD team secures the vulnerable areas and devices and ensures proper backup of your data. We help limit unauthorized access to data and see which employees are sharing information from your organization. We can quickly shut down system access to terminated employees. Protecting, backing up and storing data is essential to business continuity and cyber disaster planning.

Malware Protection

Malicious malware programs can wreak havoc on computer systems. DIGIGUARD cybersecurity experts can identify and protect from malware attacks such as phishing and formjacking. Cybercriminals will continue to target small businesses with new and evolving attacks. Our consultants will identify threats and implement malware protection for your organization.

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware attacks are on the rise. Targets now include ransomware for unsecured company mobile devices. Payment demands are on the rise, too. DIGIGUARD consultants can add layers of security that protect against this type of cyber threat. Our experts are available for ransomware negotiation and recovery services.

Cyber Threat Protection and Insider Threats

DIGIGUARD identifies threats by analyzing user behavior patterns and activities. We identify gaps in your cybersecurity coverage and monitor both internal and external threats. We detect if your data is being destroyed or copied, or if your business information is being accessed remotely. Our team looks at:

Cyberprotection Benefits for Small Businesses

Cyber attacks continue to victimize small and midsized businesses. Cybercriminals are attracted to smaller companies because they contain more data than an individual target and less cybersecurity than a large company. Here are some additional reasons why small businesses continue to be threatened:

Cybercriminals may target your business assets and data, or use your company to gain network connection access to larger organizations and supply chains. DIGIGUARD cybersecurity consulting solutions benefit your bottom line. We improve project efficiency by expertly assessing your cybersecurity needs, assisting with strategic IT security planning, and addressing cybersecurity scalability.

Benefits of a Cybersecurity Consultant

Engaging DIGIGUARD lets you focus on growing and running your business instead of managing your cybersecurity. It’s vital for small businesses to invest in cybersecurity training and have a comprehensive policy in place. Proactive preparation can help prevent disasters, and protect your business from:

A cyberattack can significantly impact your company’s reputation and bottom line, and eat away at customer trust. Your enterprise should be aggressive in finding solutions that strengthen cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Strategic Planning

You have a strategic plan for your company’s growth and success. You also need a plan for cybersecurity. Expert support is essential to help protect business operations, IT operations and company expansion. DIGIGUARD’s cybersecurity experts can provide solutions that you may not have considered. Developing a plan to update your organization’s cybersecurity policy will protect against costly breaches and cyber-attacks. By uncovering vulnerabilities, you can avoid disruption and losses.

Efficiency and Cybersecurity Scalability

DIGIGUARD expert consultants scale your IT and network cybersecurity infrastructure to meet your expanding or changing needs. DIGIGUARD’s team is at your fingertips and can efficiently implement new coverage with minimal interruptions to workflow. Relying on our expertise frees you to focus on other aspects of your growing business.

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