Data Protection for Small Businesses

DIGIGUARD understands the risks and rewards of gathering, storing and using business data. Small businesses need to build a culture of cybersecurity that includes training employees to protect company data and digital assets. Our consultants will develop strategies to store and protect assets and comply with data privacy regulations. When your business adds new equipment and services, we will help you expand data protection and backup coverage. Our cybersecurity services will analyze the following items:

Business Data Needs

DIGIGUARD will look at what type of data you store, who needs access to it, and what privacy regulations apply. Our team can help determine if you are gathering unnecessary information, or if this data should be stored and synchronized in multiple locations such as locally, on a server, online or in the cloud. We look at all data needs such as:

Business Data Risks

Our team is aware of the risks and dangers of data storage and protection. We will consider all known cyber threats as well as the physical and human-error threats to your essential business information. DIGIGUARD strategic planning considers these items:

Business Data Storage

Documents, emails, and spreadsheets are the heart of your business. Presentations, databases, graphics, downloads, and videos are also data storage considerations. Running and protecting your company data requires a lot of storage capacity. DIGIGUARD will present options and develop a plan for all your data storage management needs including:

Using and Classifying Data

DIGIGUARD consultants will identify your data types, identify who can access it, and secure the information. Valuable data assets such as intellectual property, trade secrets, business plans and financial reports should not be accessible by every employee. Our system helps you locate, access and track the important data that your team needs. We start by classifying:

Backing Up Business Data

Data loss can occur in many ways. Ransomware cyberattacks, natural disasters, simple accidents and human error are just some of the ways your business functions could be crippled. Recovering lost data can be time-consuming and costly – or potentially impossible without properly automated systems in place. Having an effective data backup management plan is an essential operating procedure. DIGIGUARD cybersecurity consultants can develop a plan to manage your:

Data Protection Training

Employee training is a critical step in protecting business data. Company team members are the first line of defense and the biggest point of weakness in cybersecurity data protection. DIGIGUARD offers consultant services to help your company develop IT security policies and procedures. We can develop employee training events geared to the needs of your team. Training can include:

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