Ransomware Negotiation

DIGIGUARD can manage ransomware negotiations for businesses that have decided to pay ransomware demands. The effects of a ransomware attack can be long-lasting and impact operations, reputation, compliance and the financial position of your company. Our consultants can manage the negotiation to try and reduce the payment amount and improve the terms and outcome. Deciding to pay a ransom is an extremely difficult decision for SMBs. Communicating with and making alternative payments to cyber criminals adds additional challenges. Our cybersecurity experts can act on your behalf to perform the following:

Cost-Benefit Analysis of a Ransomware Payment

As ransomware attack details unfold, companies face the devastating realization that their backup data does not exist or is unusable. Companies are confronted with these remaining three options:

The decision to make ransomware payments becomes a practical determination. The likelihood of obtaining decryption and restoring data rests heavily on the type and scope of the attack. DIGIGUARD will help your business verify an informed decision by considering the following risks and benefits of ransomware payment:

Risks of Ransomware Payment:

Arguments for Making a Ransomware Payment:

Ransomware Payment

Paying ransomware can be difficult and challenging. DIGIGUARD cybersecurity experts can attempt to pay your company’s ransomware demand as safely and responsibly as possible. We use cybersecurity industry historical threat intelligence and technical expertise. Our team of consultants can manage this phase of the cyber-attack incident, which generally follows this or a similar process:

Cyber Insurance and Ransomware

Many cyber insurance policies offer coverage for the costs to detect, halt, investigate and remediate ransomware. DIGIGUARD can review the language and terms of your policy and help you comply with the reporting requirements for your coverage. Our consultants can help you document bitcoin valuation and payment execution verification. Proof may include board of directors statements and insurance company approval statements.

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