Cyber Security Awareness Training

Cybersecurity awareness training empowers your employees to protect sensitive company data. Employees are both the first line of defense and the weakest link in cybersecurity. Creating and maintaining a culture of IT security is essential to protect your business from cyberattacks. Our experts will help your employees protect your network and understand the threats, risks, and safe responses. Training helps reduce the exposure that people present to the organization. DIGIGUARD will provide customized awareness training to your team and help ensure:

Cybersecurity Training Topics

DIGIGUARD can create customized cybersecurity awareness training for your employees by department, role or administrative level. We will help your employees learn and maintain everyday cyber-safe practices that are uniquely developed for your company’s industry compliance and site needs. Our consultants will help prepare your employees to recognize and avoid threats and will cover these topics and more:

Assessing Cybersecurity Awareness Policy

DIGIGUARD can provide assessment metrics on scores, completion rates and areas that are strong or areas in need of additional clarification. Your SMB’s cybersecurity is only as good as employee understanding and adherence. Our consultants will help your employees focus on and buy into adopting safe, new procedures designed to reduce risk. We can assist you in creating or updating your cybersecurity awareness and training policy. Our team of experts will take many factors into account to customize awareness training, assessment and policy for your business including:

Cybersecurity Awareness Training from the Top Down

Creating a culture of cybersecurity awareness starts at the top. DIGIGUARD can provide strategy and training sessions for business owners and senior management. We can provide response scenarios to help you with effective enforcement, motivation and compliance. We can offer ideas for clear and frequent cybersecurity communication, new hire training sessions, and review indicators for additional training. We will help you change the culture of your organization to focus on the importance of cybersecurity.

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